Busting Popular Myths And Facts surrounding Infertility and IVF Treatment

There are numerous Myths related to Infertility and IVF Treatments, so here you can clear your all doubts related to Infertility and IVF Treatment with facts and truth.

Busting Popular Myths And Facts surrounding Infertility and IVF Treatment
Myths And Facts about Infertility and IVF Treatment

It is a reality that getting pregnant is easy for some couples and harder for others. Several people will tell you various techniques to get pregnant but seriously don’t believe them at all. When it comes to getting pregnant, infertility, or seeking IVF treatment, there’s no shortage of myths.

Here are some myths and truths, and their related facts you should know about fertility, infertility, conception, and IVF treatment that will clear your whole perspective.

MYTH: Infertility is only associated with women and cannot be treated.

Facts: It has been a prolonged perception that infertility occurs only in females and it has no relation with men. However, now it’s a proven fact that both males and females can face the infertile problem. To cure this, there are several treatments through which you can resolve this issue such as IUI, IVF treatment.

MYTH: Age has nothing to do with fertility.

FACT:  Fertility is affected by age to a much greater extent than that we can understand. In most women, around the age of 35 years, their ovarian reserve begins to reduce, and once they reach the age of 40, poor quality eggs frequently outnumber healthy eggs. So, at that stage of life women’s fertility decreases that reduces the chances of getting pregnant.

Myth: If Men ejaculate, they are fertile.

Fact: Ejaculation does not mean at all that a man is completely fertile. There can be cases like there can be a low number of sperm counts or there might not be any sperm at all. In men, low sperm motility and low quality of sperms can also affect their fertility. So, it’s best to get your ejaculation checked at the laboratory to get a complete understanding.

Myth: IVF treatment is not safe and sound

Fact: With the help of the latest research and advancement in the medical field, IVF treatment is a safe and sound process having only around 2% of patients positioned the threat of being unwell from ovarian hyperstimulation disorder.

Myth: It is a treatment that is expensive and meant only for the rich and famous people

Fact: IVF treatment is a little bit costly but yet less expensive as compared to several other surgical treatments.

Myth: Only young couples benefit from IVF treatment

Fact: With the help of this IVF treatment even the aged couple can get benefitted. In the mature age group of women, donor eggs from young women are employed for successful treatment.

Myth: IVF possesses a 100% achievement rate

Fact: The success rate of IVF treatment is all about 40% in couples below the age group of thirty-five. Basically, the achievement rate of IVF treatment depends on various factors that include elements like age group, the reason for infertility, your lifestyle, and also natural, as well as hormonal issues, responded.

Myth: IVF children are born with birth problems as well as malformations

Fact: The total hazard of giving birth to an IVF child with abnormalities is very low. The danger of an abnormal fetus is random and the IVF children are just like other normal conceive birth children.