How to choose a good Fertility center for IVF treatment?

If you are diagnosed with infertility and seeking the best fertility clinic in India for IVF treatment, read all the tips that will assist you in selecting the best IVF clinic.

How to choose a good Fertility center for IVF treatment?
How to find the best fertility center in India for IVF treatment?

Over the past few years, infertility among couples has risen at an alarming rate and it is found out that out of 6 couples, 1 is facing some kind of infertility issue. So, it must be considered in a serious way to find a solution. With the help of various infertility treatments, numerous infertile couples can now enjoy parenthood and can have their baby.

If anyone in the couple is diagnosed with an infertility problem and you have decided to go for infertility treatment then it is very crucial to select the right fertility clinic. Keep in your mind that the selection of a fertility clinic plays an extremely significant role in the success rate of infertility treatment.

Types of IVF Clinic Centers

There is a variety when it comes to types of IVF fertility clinic centers and no two IVF clinics are similar. There are pros and cons with each type, with no type being better generally better than another.

  • Sole practitioners
  • Small practices with 2 – 8 member physicians
  • Large, full-service practices
  • Fertility networks
  • University-based clinics
  • Hospital-based clinics

How to choose the best infertility center for IVF treatment

Do your research

It is very important that before finalizing the fertility center for IVF treatment conduct proper research work. First of all, create a list of IVF clinics or doctors under whom you will get treatment. Check the online reviews and even ask other people about each clinic. If necessary visit the selected infertility hospital to get an overview of a reality check and closer look. Try to verify the treatment facilities, types of equipment, laboratories, and other resources offered by the center. 

Past records & success rate

You must check out the success rate of the particular IVF center. Generally, the success rate of any clinic depends on its number of years of experience. Other than the age of the fertility center the success of the center depends on several other factors including:

  • Experience of the infertile & IVF specialist
  • Number of treatments performed by the doctor
  • Skilled lab technicians
  • Availability of advanced equipment

Keep this also in mind that the success of the fertility treatment also depends on the type of infertility, age of the patient, and the circumstances of the previous pregnancy.

IVF Clinic in Sikar

Cost of Treatment

In developing countries like India, most of the time people drop their plan of IVF treatment just by thinking about the cost and other expenses related to the infertility treatment. But nowadays you will find a lot more options in the field of IVF that provide quality treatment at an affordable rate. Clearly discuss this with your doctor by asking about the total cost of infertility or IVF treatment so that you can plan and arrange your budget accordingly.  Even you can discuss the phase-wise expenses or any additional cost due to any unwanted factors.

Advanced technology and treatments

It is also significant to have knowledge that what kind of technologies and infertility treatment the IVF clinic is practicing. Before doing the selection of the right clinic ensure that the clinic has a wide range of the latest technology for infertility treatment. The clinic must be like a one roof solution provider for all infertility needs.


The proximity of the infertility clinic is also an important factor for a couple but it should not be a top priority to you. If you need to travel some distance to get treatment under the supervision of the best infertility expert you must go ahead.


Keep all the above-shared tips in mind while selecting the best fertility clinic and IVF center for your infertility problem. Openly discuss with the doctor any query. We at Arihant IVF Hospital & Test Tube Baby Center in Sikar, Rajasthan, provides you with the most transparent and confidential consulting on fertility. We provide the best infertility treatment results at an affordable cost in India.