White Spots On Your Child’s Nail – Should You Be Worried?

Take a glance at your child's fingernails, what do you see? Sometimes your child's nails can identify a medical issue or other related health problems.

White Spots On Your Child’s Nail – Should You Be Worried?
White Spots On Your Child’s Nail – Should You Be Worried?

A child’s fingernails can uncover a lot about his general wellbeing. Pink and glossy nails are generally characteristic of good wellbeing. Staining, lines and edges, fragile nails, or white spots on the nails can be an indication of a basic medical concerns. The development of white lines or spots on a youngster's nail is as well called leukonychia. By and large, it is an innocuous condition that is genuinely common in kids. The spots disappear at the appropriate time of time as the nail grows out.

Types of Leukonychia

Leukonychia can be of the following types:

1. Total Leukonychia

Such a condition is typically hereditary. The entire nail may change to completely white.

2. Partial Leukonychia

In this type of Leukonychia, whitening of certain parts of the nail occurs. Furthermore, Partial leukonychia can be of three types:

  • LeukonychiaStriata: Horizontal white streaks seem parallel to the base of the nail (lunula). This condition is also known as Transverse Leukonychia or Mees’ Lines.
  • LeukonychiaPunctata: Small white spots become perceptible on the nail. It is the most widely recognized type of leukonychia. It is additionally alluded to as “true” leukonychia.
  • Longitudinal Leukonychia: Longitudinal white lines rise underneath the nail plate. Longitudinal leukonychia is very uncommon.

3. Apparent Leukonychia

This condition includes white discoloration of nails because of adjustments to the nail bed rather than the nail plate. Terry's nails, Muehrcke's nails, cream nails are varieties of evident leukonychia.

What Causes White Spots (Leukonychia)

Some of the common causes of white spots on nails can be:

1. Nail Injury

2. Allergic Reaction

3. Infection

4. Mineral Deficiency

5. Possible Side Effect

6. Kidney failure

7. Heart problems

8. Eczema or psoriasis

9. Arsenic or lead poisoning

10. Pneumonia

Symptoms of White Spots on Nails

White spots can be noticeable in several ways. The cause may dictate the form and its extent. For instance, a nail injury may show as a big white spot, whereas an allergic reaction can deliver several spots all over the nail. Some of the general symptoms can be:

  • Small measured spots
  • Larger distinct individual spots
  • Lines (longitudinal or horizontal) across the nail

How to Prevent White Spots on the Nails

1. Avoiding Contact with chemicals or irritants

2. Keeping the nails hydrated

3. Eat foods rich in Zinc

Treatments for White Spots

  • If it is due to any type of fungal infection, your doctor may recommend oral antifungal medications and any topical antifungal creams.
  • If it is due to any type of allergy your doctor may advise the stoppage of all nail items and give some anti-allergic medicine.
  • Most of the nail injuries heal with time. With the growth of the nail, the wound will move upwards, and you can clip off the damaged part.
  • Cosmetic medications are accessible if discoloration of nails is an issue.

When to Consult Pediatrician

You may like to counsel a pediatrician in the following cases:

  • If all the nails turn entirely white
  • If several white spots become apparent on all the nails
  • If parallel discolored lines appear on all the nails
  • If your child’s nail become partial brown and partial white