1st June – Global Day of Parents 2019

1st June – Global Day of Parents 2019

Let’s honor them – who raised us!

The Global Day of Parents is observed every year on the 1st of June. This day was proclaimed by the UN General Assembly in the year of 2012 to honors parents throughout the world. The Global Day provides the opportunity to appreciate all parents in all parts of the world for their selfless commitment towards their children and their lifelong sacrifice towards nurturing this beautiful relationship.

Global Day of Parents 2019

This year theme for Global Day of Parents is “Honor Your parents“. This year this day is fall on Saturday, 1st June 2019. This day is celebrating all over the world with the aim to thank parents and to make them realize their importance. Most of the school and colleges organize programs, where the parents of the students are invited and are given a note of thanks on the occasion.

In addition to this, the United Nation also organize a small talk that primarily focus on families and parenthood that as a center point for ensuring the well being of families and the healthy relationship between parents and the children.

Importance of Global Day of Parents

This – Global Day of Parents is an important event that is celebrated to highlighting the role of parents in constructing the future of their children that will add more value to the development of our society.  

  1. Commemorates Parents –

As, this day is celebrated to acknowledge the importance of the parents in building the life and future of their children. This day gives opportunities to thank them for their endless sacrifices, dedication towards their children and unconditional love for their children.

  1. Encourage Better Parenting –

This day is celebrated to promote the notion of better parenting to the parents around the globe. All the parents are motivated to give a better environment and feeling of love to their children that are conducive for their better growth.  

  1. Recognizing the Guardians –

This awareness day is not just celebrated to recognize the efforts of biological parents but even show your love and respects to your step-parents, relatives, adoptive parents, etc. Basically, this day is celebrated about the efforts of every guardian who devoted their time and life to nurture their children.   

What should children do towards their parents?

It is not possible to payback for children in comparison to the sacrifices their parents done at every single stage of their life. But even if you want to show your feelings and emotions towards your parents then try to follow the suggestions given below –

     1. Help your parents –

The best thing you can do is that you can help your parents in their work. You can assist your mom in the kitchen while she is cooking food for you and even you can do some of your work by yourself rather than depending on your parents to accomplish those things for you.

     2. Be a good child –

If you seriously want to show respect towards your parents, then always obey them and never disrespect them by doing whatever you want in which they are not showing their consent.

     3. Find time for them

It is said that “the most precious gift you can give someone is the gift of your time and attention”. So, you want to make your parents feel special and want to show that how much important they are in your life then try to spend some time with them. This will make them feel happy and by this, the bond of love will become stronger.