When can children get Covid Vaccine?

Till now the covid vaccine available in the market is for adults. Still, research and trial phases are going on for the vaccine that will be effective on children.

When can children get Covid Vaccine?
When will children get COVIS-19 Vaccine?

This is a harsh reality that the last year 2020, the novel coronavirus has affected almost every person present on the planet, irrespective of one’s age and gender. With the very first role out of Covid-19 virus vaccines, it has now become clear as to who will get the chance to get vaccinated first and who might have to wait.

Even though children are considered at the lowest risk against the infection of a novel coronavirus, but they can be silent super-spreaders and constitute a high-risk of coronavirus carriers. However, besides that, many parents are also concerned about their children and want to know that when their children get a chance of getting the Covid vaccine.

Children are less prone to severe COVID-19 risks

This is experienced that as compared to adults, children are less vulnerable to catching the Covid 19 virus or developing serious complications. According to the report of the ICRM, 97 lakhs in people have been infected by the novel coronavirus and in this total number of the infected population, nearly 12 percent of people fall under the age of 20 years. Rest 88 percent of infected people are above the age of 20 and beyond, as per the report.

COVID-19 symptoms in children

It has been seen that the morbidity and mortality rate in children is significantly lower than that in adults. In some cases, children can experience severe symptoms when they get infected with the COVIT-19 virus. In the latest reports, some new symptoms have started affecting children below 16 years of age in the worst case. As per the research, a novel COVID-19 virus can cause a serious health-related condition called multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children (MIS-C). However, in the case of children, chances are that they may pass the virus without showing any symptoms at all or merely some mild illness.

When will the kids receive the vaccine?

According to medical practitioners and health specialists, the existing COVID-19 vaccines are not approved for children. While the previously conduct clinical trials were limited to adults, children still have to undergo the trial phase for the vaccine.  

Vaccine trials for children

While, now adults have a vaccine for COVID-19, but still children have to wait for their vaccine as the clinical trials for children are only just getting started from the various coronavirus developing companies. During this process, various medical experts will examine the dosages, interval between doses, and the number of doses that will work best in children to get immunization against coronavirus. To get the effective vaccine, the whole procedure could take some months and children might have to wait it out until late 2021.

How safe will be the vaccine for children

Even though the vaccine trials on adults have proven more efficient results than one expect, till now nothing can be said about the vaccines related to children. After completing the trial phase of the corona vaccine on children, it will be confirmed that whether the COVID-19 vaccine will be effective for children or not. So, till now children have to wait for some months to get their covid vaccine.