Top 10 Major Causes of Infertility in Men

These days there is a rise in the infertility problems in both men and women. Here is the list of the top ten major causes of infertility in Men.

Top 10 Major Causes of Infertility in Men
Major Causes of Infertility in Men

Contemporary, infertility is the issue that many of the married couples are facing these days. Well, infertility problem is not related to women, even men are affected by this issue. There are various factors that can cause Infertility problem in men like consumption of drugs, inappropriate diet, alcohol, damaged sperm ducts etc. However, there are lots of remedies and medical treatments that can solve the infertility issues in men. Normally people assume that the infirmity issue is related to females. However, studies have revealed that though infertility cases are more related to women, there are many cases of infertility issues related to men also.

There are many causes of infertility in both men and women and many of them can be resolve as well.

Here are different types of causes of infertility problems in men.

Hormonal Causes

There are many hormonal problems that cause infertility in men. Here are the common hormonal causes of infertility in men. 

Hyperprolactenemia – In this elevation of prolactin levels reduces sperm production hence causing infertility problem. However, mild elevation of this hormone level shows no symptoms.

Hypothyroidism – This is deficiency of iodine due to which the thyroid hormone level gets lowered due to which the quality of the semen is low and in some cases it disturbs libido.

Physical Causes                            

Varicocele – This is a problem that causes low sperm count and this causes infertility in that person.

Damage of Sperm Ducts – In many cases men are unable to transport sperm out of their penis. There are many causes behind this like a genetic problem, block or absence of one or both tubes, scarring from tuberculosis or any kind of accident that has caused blockage in the tube.

Disease or Illness – Any serious disease or illness like kidney problem, mums, tuberculosis, gonorrhea, influenza, brucellosis, syphilis or smallpox can cause testicular atrophy. Men who have suffered from sexually transmitted disease are usually at greater risk of infertility.

Medications – There are many medicines that cause sexual dysfunction and affect fertility. So, when any man is taking particular medicine, it is important he learns about its side effects and should take only after consulting his doctor.

Alcohol – Heavy intake of alcohol causes infertility in men. However this happens when the case is chronic alcohol abuse.

Drugs – There are certain recreational drugs like marijuana, prolonged use of which causes infertility.

Overly Intense Exercise – Exercise is good for health. But, excess of everything is bad. Therefore, due to overly intense exercise high level of adrenal steroid hormones is produced which causes testosterone deficiency and hence results in infertility.

Diet – When there is deficiency of zinc and vitamin C in diet it results in infertility in men.

Apart from the above discussed causes, there are other causes of infertility in men. Nowadays, it has seen that men suffer from high level of stress which can be personal or professional. Excess of stress also has adverse effects on fertility of both men and women. Aside from this, malnutrition and anemia as well as exposure to environmental hazards and even tight underwear are also of the causes behind infertility in men.

Although infertility is a universal problem and is found in many men, only a small percentage is involuntarily infertile. There are treatments and remedies that are natural as well as with the help of medical science. Once the cause is learned it becomes easy for the person to convey his problem and get it rectified.