Right age for admission in nursery in India

Right age for admission in nursery in India

Right age for admission in nursery in India

Are you searching for the right age for admission of your child in nursery? Well, taking decision for the right age for early school isn’t simple. Parents have different reasons for enrolling their kids in nursery at different ages. However, a number of parents choose 2.5 to 3 years for their children for nursery class admissions. But, how you do you decide this is the best to give preschool education to kids? Sometimes it is based on how physically and mentally prepared the child is to adapt the daycare environment and stay away from home. A kindergarten helps your baby to adapt to structured educational atmosphere and communicate with peers and adults.

What is the ideal age for Nursery Admission in India?

Considering the fact that some parents may not be able to take care of their kids and be around them when they are 1 year of age, you may seek help of daycare services for toddlers. There are a lot of schools in Delhi and Mumbai which give admissions to kids who are less than 2 years of age, simply because their guardians do not have sufficient time for them because of their job priorities.

However, the academic professionals and psychologists suggest that kids should experience a healthy environment of preschool at the age of 2 years for playgroup and 3 years for nursery. This is the most preferable age for all types of children.

As kids grow up, they are influenced by what they see and observe around them. Especially at the minor age of 2 or 3, the brain of a child is most absorbent of what is going on around him/her. This is the reason why certain preschools have some mandatory requisites. In early education, parents need to equally devote a good amount of time to their kids during the play and learning sessions. During the age of 2-4, the daycare plays a vital role in influencing the minds of your kid. Hence, choosing someone reliable, efficient, educated and deserving is very important.

As per research to find out the right age of kids to attend nursery school, it has been studied that you find out the preschool admission age of the child, your baby should have attributes like:

1.      There should be a gigantic collection of educational toys for your kids t explain them things in a fun way.

2.      The best nursery school should offer an active social environment for the kids marked by friends and family and kids of similar age group.

3.      The preschool should have a good staff to take care of the different needs of the kids. They should train the kid regarding toilet routine, hygiene and self-care.

4.      The school should have a wide array of books with pictures and stories to grasp their interest. Books can be on superheroes, comics, fairy tales or story books

The age 2 to 3 years is perfect for kids to attend nursery school because of several reasons:

1.      The baby takes interest in pictures.

2.      He/she can express what he wants to say

3.      He/she begins to say words

4.      He/she can be trained for potty and urine by the time.

This is also the age when your baby notices things and is able to see properly, hear properly and respond properly. The age is ideal for learning and oral teaching. Story-telling, reading stories out loud, explaining with fingers, singing, reciting rhymes are the best ways to teach kids in nursery. With time, you can put a pencil in the child’s hand and make him practice how to write. Now the baby can name colors, say his name and repeat things after you.


Quality education in kindergarten and nursery sets a firm base in the overall growth and development of your child. The nursery curriculum offers a wide range of activities to help your child move in the right way to accomplish his learning objectives. The kids are engaged in reading, writing, counting, number recognition, pattern recognition, problem solving and puzzle making in a fun-filled manner. Encourage your child to corroborate their learning by collaborating with them in their efforts and set up a good foundation for them for their growing years.