Baby Milk Spot Or Milia

Baby Milk Spot Or Milia

Baby Milk Spots or Milia

Milk Spots, also known as milia, are very common in new born and nothing to worry about in fact; around half of all newborns will develop them. It is most common transient skin disorder of newborn

What are milk spots:-

                   Scientific term of milk spot is milia or milium cysts. Milk spots are small (1-2 mm), dome shaped bumps that are usually white or yellow in color. Milia is not itchy and not painful. But they can cause anxiety to parents.


          Milia is generally found on the face, lips, eyelids, cheeks and sometime extremities are also involved but they can also be found on other parts of the body like torso and genitalia. Milia are epidermal keratin cysts developing in connection with the pilosabaceous follicle.  Similar cysts may also seen on the palate known as Epstein pearls. According to study 40% of newborn babies develop milk spots.



          The cause of milia in newborn is unknown. Its is often mistaken by  baby acne, which are red tiny bumps aused by hormones from mother.  But unlike baby acne, milia doesn’t cause inflammation and swelling. And also baby acne doesn’t appear until 2 to 4 weeks after birth.


          No treatment is required for neonatal milia or milk spots as these spontaneously resolve within few weeks.