How to Increase the Chances of Conception?

If you are facing a problem in getting pregnant, read the content to get some effective ways to conceive naturally without any problem and medication.

How to Increase the Chances of Conception?

Conception refers to the conceiving of the child. If you want to become pregnant then you can follow some healthy diet steps and see the result by conceiving faster. Ovulation is the time period when you are most fertile i.e. the time when the eggs are released from the ovary so that it can be fertilized at the right time with the sperm because they can only exists for 12 to 24 hours in a woman’s body. Thus, to conceive faster you need to know your ovulation period. For this, you can try few things -

Monitor your ovulation period -

This is very important and the first step of conceiving; you need to calculate or track the date of ovulation. Currently, in the market there are various ovulation kits that you can try. You can track your ovulation with the help of any of these kits.

Cervical fluid

With this fluid, you can check when you are likely to ovulate. Generally, your vagina discharges some white watery fluid, like raw egg white, this is known as cervical fluid.

Body temperature -

When you are going to ovulate then your body temperature also increases sharply so by checking the body temperature you can know about your ovulation timing.

Cervix firmness change

Women may feel this change as during ovulation the cervix gets softer & tender as compared to the rest of the days.

When you are certain about your ovulation timing, here are certain tips to help in increasing your chances for conception –

Balanced Diet and Healthy Lifestyle Follow -

As we all know, there are lots of food which one needs to avoid during pregnancy but when you are planning a baby, you should have rich diet of calcium, iron, folic acid. A little exercise will help you in regulating your periods and ovulation timing. Folic acid is very important as it is advised by the doctor for ladies who are trying to conceive.

Be patient -

For conceiving, you should be patient enough as stress while conceiving affects your health and reduces your chances to get pregnant.

Stay happy –

It is advisable to spend quality time with your partner, instead of taking tension and stress of baby. If you are happy with your partner then the body releases hormones which are very good for health.

Thus, before trying to conceive we should take advice from a good doctor so that he or she can perform the required tests and then provide you with valuable suggestions regarding it. There are many problems involved in conception and pregnancy therefore proper medication will help you to conceive better and to stay healthy and strong.