An Insight about Surrogacy!

An Insight about Surrogacy!

An Insight about Surrogacy!

Are you still looking for some good detail regarding surrogacy? If yes, you are going through a much detailed description on surrogacy and related terms. Surrogacy is actually a method of developing families for those couples who cannot achieve pregnancy due to some disorders.

Such parents or couples are commonly termed as intended parents or the IPs. There are a huge number of intended parents coming from multiple backgrounds and getting benefitted from surrogacy. The intended parents have to come across a gestational surrogate who carries a baby in her womb for them.

Gestational surrogates are women who keep little lives in her womb for those who are not able to reproduce a child. Getting deep into the matter, we come to know that surrogacy arrangements are differentiated n two categories –

  • Gestational Surrogacy – Gestational surrogacy defines that method where the surrogate mother does not own any genetic connections with the new born child. This is done through the IVF technology, i.e. in vitro fertilization where the embryos are prepared in the laboratories and are then transferred to the surrogate’s uterus for further growth of the child.

In many of the cases donor eggs are taken in use for preparing the embryos. As observed the embryos are prepared three to five days before placing them into the surrogate’s uterus and once it is placed successfully then the surrogate has to take it till the child’ birth.

Talking of success of the gestational surrogacy is much dependent on certain factors including the health and age of the biological mother whose eggs been taken in use.

  • Traditional Surrogacy – What makes this category differ from the gestational one is genetic connection of the born child with the surrogate mother. In traditional surrogacy, the surrogate mother gives birth to a child through her own eggs. She gets impregnated with a process termed as intrauterine insemination.

The process involves the transfer of biological father’s sperm into the surrogate mother’s uterus so that fertilization may take place properly. The traditional surrogacy technique makes the surrogate mother as the biological mother of the new born child.

Surrogacy and Intended Parents – Intended parents before going to choose the surrogacy track must ensure that the process is going to be the safest, legal and a much protected version of its own. Some of the general steps which surrogacy involves are –

  • There are agencies that make surrogacy available for the intended parents through a legal platform. Reputed ones amongst them have experienced professionals who provide free consultation to the intended parents before they opt in the method. Such consultation included each little detail of the process and parents must get in the conversation for knowing the reality of each and every method.
  • IPs are asked to fill up a form which brings their desire crystal clear to the organization, making it easier for them to pick the most appropriate egg donor and surrogate. Once the paper work is done the IPs are served with PCs, the project coordinators who give prior details for every step. PCs maintain proper connections in between the IPs, donors and the surrogate. They also make strong connections with IVF and rest treatment agencies that can be called at any point of time.
  • With everyone after a perfect meeting and legal documentation done the surrogacy process starts professionally for the IPs to have a child of their own.
  • The surrogate and the egg donor complete their IVF cycle properly at that clinic which is suggested by the intended parents. Being biological parents of the child the IPs want everything done in the smooth fashion and at the best place.
  • Everything then goes professionally and finally the IPs is blessed with a child.

Conclusion – Surrogacy is an exceptional way of completing those laps which can never be blessed with a child naturally. This process has a major advantage as everything is taken care at the highest level and the intended parents get pleasure and ultimate relaxation having their own child in the family.