Rush to emergency department if your baby has these Ten dangers signs?

Rush to emergency department if your baby has these Ten dangers signs?

Ten dangers signs of rush to emergency department if your baby has these Ten dangers signs?

Sudden health issues are scarier if they involve children. Whether it is high fever or a bleeding, should you rush to the emergency department? It gets tough to figure out when you are first time parent. However, experience and instinct may guide you what to do and when. After you know your child’s pattern or you have more than one baby, you get used to things. And lastly, you should always trust your inner voice to take instant action. Here are the ten signs when you should immediately take your baby to ER:

1.       Respiratory distress

A stuffed nose because of severe cold is one condition. If your baby is literally laboring to breath, then you need instant medical attention. It is one urgent situation. Go for emergency room if your baby is choking, struggling to breath, is turning blue or stops breathing. If your baby opens his mouth wide to breath, then he is very congested.

2.       Fever

If you see flushed cheek or troublesome reading on the thermometer, then you should take your baby to ER. If your baby is less than 3 months, and the temperature is 100.4 Degree Fahrenheit, you should react immediately. At this point, your baby’s immune system is immature and thus it needs professional handling. Other than this, if your baby is shivering with fever or the fever isn’t coming down, then visit the emergency department.

3.       Bleeding

A big cut or sudden trip can happen to active kids who are playing and running. You should go to ER if the bleeding comes with exposed bone or open flesh or the bleeding doesn’t seem to stop at any cost and requires stitching.

4.       Diarrhea and vomit

Different bacteria and virus can infect the kids. However, this episode is short lived. But the major concern is dehydration. If your baby stops consuming electrolyte orally, then you should immediately make your way to the emergency room and get IV. Also go if your child hasn’t urinated for the last 6 hours. If your baby is vomiting everything he/ she is eating or your child vomits blood or has a bloody diarrhea.

5.       Severe headache

How do you know if your child is suffering from headache or not? Well minor headaches are relieved with over the counter pain medication or sleep. But major headaches do not go easily. If your child is bearing the ache for several hours or if the pain is so severe that he/ she has left eating, playing or watching her favorite show, then you need to see the pediatrician. If your child is not doing any of his normal activity and all they are doing is holding their head, then rush to the ER. If the headache includes blurry vision or confusion, then also you need to rush.

6.       Rashes everywhere

Do not be much concerned if your child has rashes on feet or arms. But if the rashes have covered his full body, then you should seek medication attention. It may be cause of virus or allergic reactions. If you touch the rash and it turns white, then go for the doctor. If your child feels a lot itchy, then also see the doctor.

7.       Severe stomach ache

If your child has experienced food poisoning or stomach flu, then he/ she may be feeling severe pain. The child may suffer from diarrhea or bloating. It is very important to rush to the emergency room and diagnose the condition for immediate relief.

8.       Stiff neck

A stiff neck may occur because of meningitis where parents notice their kid standing rigidly without moving their neck right or left. It may occur because of sore muscles. If your child is also experiencing fever, light sensitivity and headache along with it, then pave your way immediately to the ER.

9.       Objects swallowed by kids

When your kid is exploring things, he/ she may swallow dangerous things in their mouth. If you fail to get it out of the mouth of your child, then rush to emergency department to get it removed

10.   Food

Food is the biggest choking hazards for kids who are under three. If your baby has consumed a big chunk and you cannot get it out in any way, then he may be choking or struggling to breath, then just rush to the hospital’s emergency department immediately.

These are the conditions when you should carry your ward immediately to the emergency department.