Is preschool necessary for kids: Indian perspective

Is preschool necessary for kids: Indian perspective

Is preschool necessary for kids:  Indian perspective


Schools are institutions to offer education. Education primarily stands for reading, writing and acquiring knowledge about things around us. But, with time, the idea and understanding of the word “education” evolved. Today, education has a bigger picture and medium to develop potential and ideals of life. Now people understand how important the initial years of education as early education set up a base of carving the perfect figure out of your child. But, the question still exists, is preschool necessary for kids? You shall find it below:


Importance of Preschools


Early childhood education adds to your kids’ non-cognitive skills, accomplishments and motivation. There is a non-denying fact that school life has different aspects and it is important to prepare kids in the right way before making them join a school. The early education has to be more rigorous to help in the overall development of your child. It is relevant for kids to remember the fun and phenomenal things which they know about in the early years before they enter the mainstream school.

Preschools offer play based fun ideas and learning techniques as kids of this tender age respond efficiently to it. It boosts critical thinking, creative, innovativeness and understanding in the child. The trained personnel of the preschools work on the interaction abilities of the kids and teach the right way to behave inside a class, with peers, teachers and staff. The major aim of preschools is to focus on the overall development of the child, right from emotional, social, spiritual, behavioral and cerebral development.


When kids start learning things, they create their own ideals and perspective about them and this works lucratively for their future. Research suggests that preschool education is a great investment financially, socially and academically. The newly launched zones ensure that the knowledge is given with fun and experience, so that it stays in the mind of the kid, all this life. Preschools undeniably help your kids to be a wiser and better person for the mainstream school. There are situations where people with high IQ fail to get successful in the lives because they are short of psychological skills. While on the other hand, people with low IQ get success because of the perfect balance of the skills.


Parents should understand that it is important to render best quality preschool education to their growing kids. Get them an age appropriate curriculum and help them grow with the best facilities they can.


The confusion between preschool and kindergarten:


Often kindergarten and preschool are interchangeably used depending on the nation. Often in India, preschool is termed as an institution for kids from the age of 2 to 4. And kindergarten is recommended as an institute for kids of age 3 to 6. Preschool in India is regarded as the first step to acquire education. A lot of schools commence their education level from preschool.


Why are Preschools so important for kids?


1.        It teaches the kids to learn and understand things with fun, rather than stressing about.

2.        It gives the little ones a chance to know anyone of their own age. It enhances their social skills and makes them learn sharing and making friends.

3.        It makes kids express their will and creativeness freely which can be further applied in higher grades.

4.        Preschool prepares kids for easy transition from home to school. It gives them structure and routine and learn the basic of education.

5.        Going for a good preschool has a big impact on your kids future success.


Preschool in India

The structure of preschool in India depends on the system. While some schools may work from nursery to Kindergarten and then begin primary schooling, others follow a simple patter of lower and upper KG.

Lower and upper Kindergarten is natural progression from nursery. Often preschools include Playgroup and Nursery in them to encourage kids to learn the alphabets, basic number and pattern recognition and for the healthy development of emotional, physical and social skills.



Research suggests that kids who attend good quality preschool enter institutes with high pre-reading skills, better vocabulary and strong mathematic abilities than those who don’t. This is why is very important for kids to acquire preschool education. Lack of schooling may fail to develop emotional and social skills in your child which are very important for their future.