Can Antibiotics Stop You from Getting Pregnant?

Are you confused that taking antibiotics can impact you from getting pregnant? Read through this article to know if antibiotics really affect fertility or not.

Can Antibiotics Stop You from Getting Pregnant?
Can antibiotics stop conception?

When striving to get conceived, most of the women pay high heed to their diet to ensure that their chances of getting pregnant are elevated. On the other way, this also means that they are trying their best to avoid potential deterrents that can hamper your possibility of getting pregnant. Well, commonly antibiotics are considered one such deterrent for the exclusive cause that they tend to modify one’s body as these antibiotics helps the body to recover from illness.

Doctors advocate that women who are trying to get pregnant should take care of their health and avoid specific antibiotics and cold medicines. However, still there is no such type of substantial scientific evidence available that proves that taking antibiotics can affect a woman’s fertility. Actually, becoming sick when you are ovulating may have no effect either; however it can meddle with your craving to engage in intercourse.

Can Antibiotics Affect Fertility?

Antibiotics allude to a range of antimicrobial medications that assist in fighting against bacterial infections. They are the most commonly prescribed medications in contemporary medication. Discover how it influences fertility in women as well as men:

1. Impact of Antibiotics on Female Fertility

Several women who are on antibiotics concerned out if they can cause infertility. Their core dread is that antibiotics can hinder their menstruation, ovulation or the embryo implantation, thereby making it difficult for them to get pregnant. In any case, there is no decisive evidence proposing any harmful impacts of antibiotics on the hormones that control the menstrual cycle, ovulation, or conception in women.

2. Impact of Antibiotics on Male Fertility

This is experienced that most of the research done on studying the repercussions of antibiotics on fertility mainly focused on male fertility as compared to female fertility. Studies show that some of the antibiotics like tetracycline, penicillin, and erythromycin can unfavorably affect male sperm and fertility. Even some medications resulted in decreased semen quality.

Various antibiotics contain different types of ingredients which can affect women differently in an unexpected way. That is why, it is always advisable to avoid self-medication and refer to a doctor before taking any type of antibiotics. Additionally, in case of any illness, do let your personal doctors know that you are trying to conceive so that they can prescribe antibiotics accordingly that will not harmful for your health.