Getting Acrylic Nails When Pregnant- Precautions, Safety Measures and Other things You Must Know

If you are pregnant you have to keep your health at first. If you are getting Acrylic Nails When Pregnant, here are its Precautions, Safety Measures and Other things You Must Know!

Getting Acrylic Nails When Pregnant- Precautions, Safety Measures and Other things You Must Know
Getting Acrylic Nails When Pregnant- Precautions, Safety Measures

Acrylic nails or fake nails are the duplicate extensions to the nails. These nail accessories last for a long time and make the nails look attractive and strong. But after conception, you cannot be certain if it is alright to expose yourself to poisonous chemicals and compounds while wearing the nails.


So, can you get acrylic nails done during pregnancy? In this post, we will talk about getting acrylic nails during pregnancy, their probable side-effects and the safety measures you may adopt.


Can You Get Acrylic Nails During Pregnancy?


Yes, you can certainly get acrylic nails with certain precautions during pregnancy.  Make sure that the room is fully ventilated while you are getting them. Since salons may use toxic chemicals, you might get exposed to solvent fumes that could make you nauseous. Therefore, you should check the salon’s ventilation before you get your nails or any other service done at a salon.


Also, you should let your manicurist know about your pregnancy so that they remain careful about the products they use.


More than the women who use the nails, the problem with chemicals exposure could harm to those pregnant women who work in salons. Continuous exposure could have an adverse impact on the baby. So, if you are working in a salon, you might want to take a break during pregnancy or ensure there is proper ventilation at your place of work. Also, adopt safety measures such as a mask and gloves to reduce the exposure as much as possible.


 The Possible Side Effects of Using Acrylic Nails during Pregnancy:


Acrylics nails are artificial nails that are set on your original nails to enhance their beauty. They are either painted with a color or covered with some powder or liquid. Although there is no manifestation about their complications, there could be a few problems.


  • They may damage your natural nail as it is tough for the nails to grow with acrylic on them. The damaged nails may become a breeding area for bacteria and fungus.


  • They might develop itchy or inflamed cuticles if the tools used on them are coarse or worn out.


  • They may cause pain or split the nail plate. Therefore, you should have acrylics only if you have thick and healthy nails.


  • Acrylics may weaken your nails if they are placed improperly or not maintained.


So, you should ensure that your nails are healthy enough to have acrylic extensions, and also take some safety precautions.


Safety Precautions While Getting Acrylic Nails during Pregnancy


Following are some necessary safety measures you need to adopt before you begin with the acrylic nail session.


  • Avoid using acrylic nail products if you have any nail or skin related problems, cuts, scratches, or open wounds.


  • Choose a nice salon that uses safer and better-quality products.


  • Observe the cleaning and sterilizing procedure of the instruments at the salon.


  • Make sure you get your nails done in a well-ventilated room to avoid breathing any dangerous fumes.


  • Use the nails made of ethyl methacrylate polymers over methyl methacrylate monomer as the US FDA has recognized the former to be safer than the latter.


  • Wear a safe face mask and safety glasses to avoid exposure to fumes if you are working on somebody’s nails at the salon.


  • Do not get the nails when you are not well.


  • Clean and prepare the natural nails before the procedure to prevent any infection.


  • If you notice any redness or rash, contact your doctor.


  • Avoid contact with eyes, mouth, or skin.


  • Follow the stepwise method of removing acrylic nails. Do not remove them forcibly.


  • Wash your hands properly after handling acrylic nail products.


  • Get the appointment in the morning as the parlors are prone to fewer chemical fumes at latter time of the day.


With the help of an adept nail expert and some safety measures, you can make your nails more beautiful. If you are anxious about using these artificial nails, then it is good to go natural and avoid any artificial enhancements during pregnancy. Moreover, your nails generally get stronger during pregnancy, and so need not require any enhancement.