Massage Tips for your New Born Baby

Are you confused that how to give massage to your newborn baby? Here are the best massage tips for you to give massage to your baby in the right way.

Massage Tips for your New Born Baby
Massage Tips for your New Born Baby

How to Massage Your Baby

Baby massage has its own advantages such as it makes bones stronger, increase growth, gain weight, the child become healthy and fit, flexible and active because of massage. It is easy to perform and here are a few tips to give a good massage to your baby.

  • Before you start massaging the baby, remove the accessories. Baby skin is very soft and delicate; hence the bracelets and finger rings might hurt the child.


  • Also cut your nails as long nails may be harmful for the baby.


  • Well one should start the massage by rubbing the oil on the baby's body. But before doing that one should keep all the necessary things ready like baby massage oil, tissues, towel, diapers and fresh clothes.


  • Place a carpet on the surface where you will be massaging the baby. On the carpet spread a towel which is soft and furry, so that the baby feels comfortable. Remove the clothes of baby and put him on the carpet with his face-up.


  • Now start the massage by applying the baby massage oil. Do not forget to warm the oil, as applying warm oil is of great help in the whole process of massaging. Make sure that the oil is not too warm.


  • Take little-little oil in hands and apply it on baby's body. Like if you are starting the massage from hands, then apply oil on that hand, then massage that area and then go to the next body part.


  • Give smooth and gentle strokes. But at the same time, the strokes must be firm and do it with the help of your palm and fingers or may be with your thumb most of the time.


  • The strokes must be soft and light; especially when the movements are on the chest and the stomach. The movement on the chest and stomach should be circular.


  • When we are massaging arms and legs, then there should be . While massaging the back and the rest of the baby's body, and then there should be upward movement.


  • You should always take care and not put much pressure on baby's body; especially the spine area and the neck area. The neck area is very delicate and can easily get hurt.


  • Maintain eye contact with the baby and sing songs or lullaby for the infant. Basically keep him engaged with you and at the same time make him enjoy the massage. Initially, the baby might cry when you are massaging him, make sure that later he enjoys the massage.


  • Do not stop the massage suddenly. Slowly and steadily stop the massage. If stopped suddenly then the child might get scared and start crying.


  • After the massage is done then make him take a bath with warm water. One should take towel, dip it in warm water and then make baby take a sponge bath.


  • After the bath, one should clean the baby with dry towel and then put powder around his body. After that one should put diaper and then make him wear his clothes. Cuddle him for sometime and let him go to sleep.


  • Do not wake up the child specially for doing massaging. Do not do baby feeding after or before the massage, or when the baby is not well. Do not massage the baby at the places where they have got injections or vaccines as it might hurt them.