How to tackle sore and cracked nipples – some expert tips to help you?

Want to get rid of that sore and cracked feeling on your nipples? Follow these expert tips and tricks to tackle the problem and get some relief.

How to tackle sore and cracked nipples – some expert tips to help you?

Being a mother is one of the best feelings in the world and if you have gone through it, you probably know how beautiful it is. But there are various aspect relaxed to your health that you need to be even more aware during pregnancy and after becoming a mother. One of the jobs that you have to do after becoming a mother is breastfeeding your kid on a regular basis. Most of the moms go through the pain of having the sore & cracked nipples during breastfeeding. The major reasoning behind this is that while feeding your kid, his position is not right that causes bad latch.

What are the major reasons leading to cracked or traumatized nipples?

There is more than one way in which traumatized nipples can be described which are sored nipples, oozing nipples, bleeding from the nipples, throbbing of nipples and cracked nipples. There are two major reasons that cause the cracked or traumatized nipples. The first one is poor latch which happens when the baby who is not latched well with the mother.

In such cases, the baby tries to pinch the nipples hard as he is not able to get the milk from the mother’s breast. So, it is quite important for you that your baby has a good latch. Some of the common reasons behind a poor latch are small mouth, tongue-tie, receding chin, high palate, short frenulum, nipple confusion if he is addicted to bottle feeding amongst others.

The second and the more common reason behind the cracked nipples is when the position of baby while feeding is incorrect. In such cases, the baby sucks the nipple in wrong manner which has an impact on your nipples. So, as a mother you shall be careful of the positioning of your baby while feeding him.

How to take treatment of the cracked nipples?

Now comes the most important question that you shall have in mind when you are having cracked nipples. These are quite painful and you want to make sure that you get the better of problem as soon as possible. Here are some of the most common remedies that will help you to get the better of this problem:

Application of fresh breast milk:

One of the most common ways to heal the cracked nipples is application of the fresh milk from the breasts. This milk has anti-bacterial quality that is quite helpful in getting the better of the cracked nipples. But before the application of the milk on your breasts, make sure that you wash your hands so that no any germs are allowed to enter. After the application, you shall keep the breasts open for some time so that the milk dries up.

Making use of the warm compress:

It may not have any healing capabilities but it certainly has its impact on enhancing your feel. If you apply the warm compress after sore nipples, it gives you a feeling of relaxation and this is why you shall do it quite frequently when you are having the problem of sore nipples.

Making use of the medical ointment:

The medical science has progressed quite quickly and it has come up with a solution for every problem. Sore nipples are no different and there are ointment available in the market specifically produced for this purpose only. You shall get in touch with a medical expert before using any such ointment though.

There are several other remedies as well such as salt rinse, changing of nursing pads frequently that help in tackling the problem of cracked nipples with added ease and comfort thus making your life better.