Must Take Precautions if Suffering From Asthma

Must Take Precautions if Suffering From Asthma

Must take precautions if suffering from Asthma

Today, asthma has become chronic and most common disease of respiratory system which can lead to many dangerous consequences. That is why; it is must for an asthma patient to adopt some precautions to overcome this problem easily. Asthma patients usually have attacks which create rifts in taking breathe. Most common symptoms are suffocation, gasping and wheezing. The attacks can even last upto several minutes and some are so serious that it leaves patient unconscious for sometime. In fact, whole body face lack of oxygen for breathing but this happens for small time period.

Some must taken precautions –

Preventing asthma while travelling and in hotel – If you are an asthma patient and planning to travel then you must follow some suggestions to overcome any kind of problem. You should pack asthma drugs in your hand bag and include an antihistamines and inhaler. Bring an asthma inhaler and extra bronchodilator if you need them. Always choose a nonsmoking room and remove feather pillows. Ask for non-allergic pillows or synthetic pillows. Not only this, keep air conditioner shut if not required.

Thingsto eat for preventing asthma – Another great precaution which you must consider if suffering from asthma is having a nutritional and balanced diet. Although, there is no specific asthma diet to follow but, having a proper balanced diet is must. There are many small precautions which can be taken in control. Some of them include eating food with fatty acids, eating plenty of vegetables and fruits, avoiding omega 6 and trans acid fatty food. Avoid processed food as it can make problem more serious. Eat fish like tuna, sardine and Salomon as they are rich in nutrition.

Prevention of asthma in cold weather – Most of the asthma patient remain away from outdoor exercises in winter season as it can trigger an unwanted asthma attack. However, if they will take proper precautions then a large number of asthma patients can enjoy a normal life and indulge in many winter activities. Some precautions which must be followed include pretreating yourself before going out at least 15 to 30 minutes. This can be done with short acting medicines which will prevent muscles from tightening up and open airways. Always wear a neck gaiter, mask and scarf across your mouth and nose. This will help in warming cold air that you breathe in and also decrease irritation which keeps airway lining moist.

Prevention from pollens – Pollens are tiny cell usually in egg shape that comes from flowering plants. It is difficult to avoid as it cannot be eliminated from surrounding. Plants pollinate in different periods and weather which varies from time to time. For preventing asthma try to reduce exposure to pollen. For this, you must limit outdoor activities especially during high pollen time like early morning. During windy or humid days stay indoors and keep windows closed. If possible use air conditioner and minimize walks in garden or wooded areas. Stay indoors as much as it is possible for you and check forecast from time to time.

Thus, these are some common precautions that all types of asthma patients must take in order to attack suffocation, gasping, wheezing and other issues.