World Teachers' Day 2019

October 5 is World Teachers' Day. A day to celebrate the unique and vital role of teachers, in every country across the world.

World Teachers' Day 2019
World Teachers' Day 2019 Theme

World teacher’s day which is also known as International Teacher’s Day is celebrated every year annually on the 5th of October which recalls the adoption of (International Labour Organization) ILO/UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) concerning the teacher's status. Teacher's day is commemorated to set a benchmark regarding the rights and responsibilities of teachers and standards and to train them for further education, employment, recruitment about teaching and learning conditions.

World Teachers Day 2019

The aim of celebrating World Teacher’s Day is to focus on “assessing, appreciating and improving teachers and other educators around the globe”. It also provides an opportunity to show light on the issues related to the teachers and teaching conditions across the planet.

World teacher’s day 2019 Theme

Each year "World Teachers Day" is celebrated with a particular theme that focuses on issues that are related to teaching and teachers. The theme of World Teachers Day 2019 is “Young Teachers: The future of Professions”.  Well, the theme of last year of world teachers day 2018 was “The right to education means the right to a qualified teacher”.

History of World Teachers Day

The first teacher's day was held on 5th October 1966, the special Intergovernmental Conference was been convened in Paris, France regarding the status of Teachers to analyze the issues affecting the teachers and their occupation and other career-related issues. After a general agreement, the investigation was closed. On 12th October 1997, in UNESCO 29th General Conference session adopted after that, they published a document “Recommendation concerning the Status of Teacher’s” and signed by the members of UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) and International Labour Organisation (ILO).

World Teacher Day

Importance of World Teacher’s Day

 World Teachers Day is the occasion that shows the progress and focuses on the remaining challenges for the promotion of the teacher’s profession. World Teacher’s Day is merged in the partnership with UNICEF, UNDP, International Labour Organisation, and Education International.

Benefits of Observing Teacher’s Day
  • Teacher’s day gives an opportunity to pay respect and affection to your teacher, guru or preceptor, making them happy
  • Gain blessings of your teacher for a prosperous and blissful life