Importance of giving potty training to your growing and developing kids

Importance of giving potty training to your growing and developing kids

Importance of giving potty training to your growing and developing kids

Using a potty is new skill for any children, but it is important that they should learn it. It is advised to the parents, it should be taken slowly and as per their child’s pace. One of the main benefits of remaining patient is, it help in getting it right even sometimes when you feel frustrated. Children are able to control bowels and bladder when physically they are ready and when they want to remain clean and dry. Every child is different from one another and so, it’s best not to compare your child with others. Always keep in mind that, most of the children can easily control bowels before bladder. It usually takes little longer for any child to learn how to stay dry especially during the night. Although, most of them learn about this between ages of four and five. According to the surgery, up-to one out of five aged four or five sometimes even wet bed.

Potty training is given to children to overcome this issue in less time. Potty training or toilet training is process of giving training to someone to use toilet for defecation and urination. Cultural factors play an important role in determining the age which is appropriate. The expected age of giving training is for potty range from 12 moths to 36 months.

How to start with potty training?

Remember, that you cannot force your child for using a potty. In case, they are not ready then you will not be able to force them for using it. In fact, most of the children do not like going in nappies to school. So, by giving them potty training timely this problem can be avoided. In meanwhile time, you can do one thing which is encouraging their behavior. Most of the parents start thinking about this when their baby is two or two and a half year, but this is not the perfect time. While on other hand, many parents find it easier to start with this in summer time.

You can try for potty training when there is no need of change or disruptions to your family. There are many ways through which you can know whether or not, your child is getting ready for potty. Following are some out of them –

  • They know when they got dirty or wet nappy
  • They know when they are going to pass urine and might tell about this
  • Gap between wetting is at least of one hour and if it is less, then potty training can fail
  • They show need of doing pee by hiding or going some quiet place forpotty
  • They know when to tell about pee so that can remain wet

Praise the children during potty training –

At time of giving potty training, your child will always look for positive reinforcement for new skills. So, you should not disappoint them and whenever he or she moves a step further tell or praise him that he is doing quite well. But, do not praise so much that he or she become afraid or nervous as this can lead to accident. Every child goes through some accidents before getting completely trained especially during night. So, you should try not to punish them or get angry.

Conclusion –

Mastering in the process of potty will take some time. While, when your child has an accident suggest them to go to toilet for potty and clean it up with water.You can buy a potty pot to your child and keep everything prepared in advance such that, they need not to wait for the right place or time to remove waste.