Avoid consulting your child to RMP’s

Avoid consulting your child to RMP’s

AAP: Best Care for Children Remains at the Pediatrician’s Office

The American Academy of pediatrics recommends that children younger than 2 years old are not treated at RMP’S  or acute care services that lack pediatric expertise.



The American Academy of Pediatrics affirms its stance that the ideal location for children to receive care for acute, nonemergency health concerns is at a pediatrician’s office or similar “medical home” that offers continuous, comprehensive and coordinated care, according to a newly released policy statement.

“Children deserve to receive care from a skilled professional, a physician who knows their needs and medical history, who works alongside family members to keep them safe and healthy,” said Susan Kressly, MD, a lead author of the policy statement.

“While families may sometimes feel the need to seek medical care at RMP’S or medical shop  or elsewhere outside the doctor’s office, we remain concerned that the treatment delivered at many of those facilities falls short of evidence-based medical standards.”