Various Artificial Reproductive Treatments to Get Rid Of Infertility

Various Artificial Reproductive Treatments to Get Rid Of Infertility

Various Artificial Reproductive Treatments to Get Rid Of Infertility

Infertility with age is a common calculated problem which couples are experiencing due to their delay in taking chances for a baby. Everything has a prescribed deadline within which things go the right way and any failure in going the correct track can result in some serious problem. Infertility being a common disorder is cherished with plenty of artificial reproductive treatments which again make possible chances for a baby to come home.

ART is quite popular as the assisted reproductive technology is a set of treatments which helps women in achieving pregnancy when the chance becomes almost negligible. The ART includes a wide range of treatments which are used according to the case arrived. The kind of artificial reproductive treatment is largely dependent on the cause of infertility for a couple.

Some of the ART branches are -

Ovulation Induction: Ovulation induction is an expert's prescribed treatment for those categories of women who are not ovulating at regular intervals or missing ovulation. The process requires the individual to take a pill or injection which makes the base favorable for the production of follicle stimulating hormone.

This persuades the growth of one or multi follicles. Another hormone is injected when the follicles turn large enough which make situation familiar for release of egg from the follicle. After getting done with this the couple is supposed to have intercourse as the chances of pregnancy are much increased during this very ART treatment. The process has helped numerous couples and is showing great results till date.

Artificial Insemination: Artificial Insemination (AI) is also known as intrauterine insemination. This technique is used when women have healthy and normal fallopian tubes and still are unable to have pregnancy.  The cause of this issue is yet unknown but experts believe that is may be due to some problems with intercourse as the man could not erect because of uneven penis structure attained after injury or treatment.

This artificial treatment is often useful when the semen gets frozen because of absence of the male partner. The process is about the insertion of male semen just before or at the time of ovulation through the female cervix into the uterus. The treatment can be only performed by qualified doctors under the Assisted Reproductive Treatment Act 2008. After attempting few AI turns, IVF and ICSI are prescribed for getting successful results.

Donor Insemination: Another useful ART treatment is donor insemination which has benefited many couples till date. The experiments have provided confidence to the mankind that donor sperm, eggs and embryos can be used in various techniques for achieving pregnancy.

  • Donor Sperm: Donor insemination is performed when a male partner is unable to produce sperm, unable to produce normal sperm and when there are possible chances of passing genetic disease to the child through man's sperm.
  • Donor Eggs: Donor eggs treatment is useful when the female cannot produce eggs or the produced eggs are of very low quality to bring a child to life. This is due to the age factor in most of the cases. The treatment can be done when a female has passed certain miscarriages and when there are chances of passing genetic disorders to the child through female.
  • Donor Embryos: A donor embryo is the treatment for those who wish to have donor eggs and sperm for achieving pregnancy.

In-Vitro-Fertilization (IVF) - This is the most common ART treatment including number of steps as follows -

  • Hormone stimulation - This is giving fertility drugs to the female who then can develop eggs for further process.
  • Egg retrieval - Produced eggs are then collected.
  • Development Embryo - Then the sperm id added to eggs for the development of the embryos. In cases there are multiple embryos developed which then are frozen and can be taken for further use in case of first failures.
  • Embryo transfer - The developed embryo is then placed into the uterus for turning to the baby.

 Conclusion - The technologies and experiments have been raised to a different level as people can get anything they need like. ART, artificial reproductive treatment is one of the finest examples of the mankind success in technologies and can be used without any doubts for having a baby in certain problems and disorders.