Mother’s – A Blessing in Disguise!

Mother’s – A Blessing in Disguise!

In almost every religion the word – “Mother” has great significance. The day you open your eyes in this world for the first time, its your mother who pours all the affection and care from her heart for you. Trying to nurture you to the best of her abilities, taking care of you, loving you unconditionally, teaching you about the basic lessons of life, are some of the personality making roles that can only be performed by a mother.

What a mother does for a child since the day you are conceived, no other person can do that ever. Since the day you are born and brought in to this world, your mother makes a tons of compromises for you, without letting anyone know about it. She is the only person to know exactly what you need and when you need it. She tries every single thing to the best of her potential to keep happy and safe. We sure know a lot about the importance of mother figure in our lives. She teaches you and advices you the things that are best for you. It’s not beneficial ignoring her advice.

So, mothers are not just guardians but a perfect nurturer for their kids. A mother always tries to be a close friend to you and you know you can completely trust her as she would never deceive her own kids. So, being with your mother not only makes you feel happy and loved but you feel absolutely safe and secure, at the same time. She plays the most important role in your personality development. In future, no matter how much you achieve but your mother will be always there to pray for you and to support you, no matter what happens.

Mother is the person who teaches you how to believe in yourself. A sense of confidence can help you in achieving and learning more. These lessons of confidence by our mothers help us in believing that there’s no end to the achievement that one can accomplish  in his life. The care and devotion that a mother has for a child is incomparable to anything in this world. She will do everything to protect you, without thinking about her welfare even for a minute.

Mothers are like a timeless teacher and the most influential instructor, you will ever find. Mothers shape our world by fostering sensibilities in us to their full extent. A mother’s heart is full of compassion and tenderness and there’s nothing more comforting than having yourself wrapped with her arms around you when you are afraid, lonely, tired or sad. She promises to give you only the best things she has for you and yes, she should be the person to be thanked for helping you become the kind of person, you are today!

So, no matter how busy you are, you must take out some time from your busy schedule to thank your mother and be there for her as she was always there for you, all the time as a beautiful blessing in disguise!