Foods Children Should Avoid During Rainy Season

During the rainy season, water-borne diseases are common. So, to keep your children healthy here is the list of foods children should avoid during the rainy season.

Foods Children Should Avoid During Rainy Season
Foods Children Should Avoid During Rainy Season

Monsoon is the favorite season for most of the people and the rainy season is about to come. As, it brings happiness on the face of most of the people; who are displease due to the raise in the temperature during the summer season. But along with decrease in the weather temperature, the rainy season also bring lots of seasonal diseases, mostly those effects your children. 

As, in the rainy season illness range from common to severe one, so it is very significant for the parents to be careful about what their children eat as the diseases that spread during rainy season spread mainly through contaminated food and water. There are some types of certain foods and drinking that increase the chances of infections and illnesses in children, during the rainy season. So, it is essential to feed your children healthy, fresh and homemade food in order to prevent illnesses. Learn more about the foods that kids should avoid especially during the rainy season.

List of Foods to Be Avoided during Rainy Season

Let us take a look at some of the foods that should be avoided by children during rainy season.

1. Street Foods

Street foods are on the top of list that the children must avoid during rainy season at all costs. The major reason is that the street foods are not kept in hygienic conditions. Therefore, the chances of transmission of food borne illnesses through such foods are higher. Street foods that mainly avoid include foods like Pani-Puri, Chaat, Chinese food items, etc.

2. Oily Foods

Oily foods that include fries, Samosas, Vadas, Bhajias etc can increase the chances of development throat infection. As the immunity of children is lowered as well as the level of humidity is high during rainy season they become more susceptible to such kind of illnesses.

3. Cold Beverages

Drinking cold beverages like fruit juices, aerated drinks, packaged drinks, packaged cold water as well as water that is stored in refrigerator etc. during rainy season can cause illnesses like cough, cold and sore throat.

4. Ice Candies

Ice candies can also cause same illness that is caused by cold beverages. These candies can cause infections like cough, cold and throat infection. So, children must avoid eating ice candies especially during monsoon.

5. Curd

Curd is one of the foods that can induce coolness in the body which can in turn give rise to infection like cough, cold and sore throat which if not treated on time can increase risk of other diseases.

6. Raw Vegetables

Vegetables that are usually consumed raw should be avoided during rainy season. During this season such foods attract more germs. So, there are the chances that if these vegetables are not washed properly, disease causing germs may enter the body of children.

7. Leafy Vegetables

Leafy vegetables are loaded with a lot of mud during rainy season which attract millions of germs. If vegetables are not washed properly, then the various germs stick to them, can enter the system of children and can cause illnesses. So, it is better to avoid eating such vegetables during rainy season

The above mentioned is the list of foods that should be avoided during rainy season to prevent illnesses. At the same time it is necessary for parents to encourage their children to follow proper hygiene during rainy season. Drinking boiled and cooled or distilled water, eating freshly cooked homemade food and maintaining proper hygiene during rainy season is the key to maintaining a good health by avoiding illnesses spread by germs during monsoon season.