Pregnancy Week - 2

Pregnancy Week - 2

Pregnancy Week - 2

Your physician begins counting your pregnancy from the first day of your previous period. It means you are officially two weeks pregnant, but in reality, you may not be pregnant at all. However, your body is getting ready for it. A lot of pre-pregnancy changes occur in your body for a healthy pregnancy. During your second week of pregnancy, your body starts getting ready to ovulate. But, if you have entered your second week of cycle and want to conceive, then we have some good advice for you.

How big is your 2 weeks baby?

Well, there is still no baby! It can be a little dicey as doctors calculate pregnancy week like this, but they cannot pinpoint conception. The egg is released from the ovary which is likely to get conceived only if you opt for unprotected sex. This is the reason why doctors count your pregnancy week. So, by the time you come to know about your pregnancy, you are around 4-6 weeks pregnancy, even if you don’t have a baby in second week.

Pregnancy Belly in Week 2

A lot of women do not experience any pregnancy symptoms in week 2. As it is the initial days of pregnancy, all the symptoms are related to ovulation. However, in the belly, the uterine line begins to thicken up and ensure its prepared for fertilized egg. And, if you succeed to conceive by week 2, your body will begin experiencing changes like slow digestion.

You may also experience signs like frequent urination, fatigue, morning sickness and bloating in your belly.

Pregnancy Symptoms in Week 2

After 2 weeks pregnancy, you are likely to experience symptoms of ovulation during the time of sex. Some of the noticeable signs are:

·       Better sense of smell: Because of hormonal changes, some women notice high sense of smell in the starting days of pregnancy.

·       Tenderness of breast: Because of rise in blood supply, you may experience tender and soft breast.

·       Pain in abdomen: Often women feel slight discomfort and twinge in their stomach or lower abdomen.

·       Light spotting: You may notice pink or brown colored stains because of implantation bleeding.

·       Rise in sex desire: As it is the best time to have a baby, often you may notice rise in your libido.

·       Cervical changes: Some women notice softer, higher and open during ovulation.

·       Feeling nauseous: A lot of women complain of feeling nauseous in the starting days of pregnancy.

However, all these symptoms only get a clear result when you go for a pregnancy test.

Pregnancy Ultrasound in Week 2

You possibly don’t need to go for a two weeks pregnancy ultrasound. However, if you go for it, you are likely to see ovary releasing eggs in the fallopian tube, where it should get fertilized in 12 to 24 hours. If you have intercourse in the last week, there must be sperm inside you which can fertilize the egg.

The ultrasound could measure the thickness of your uterine lining and determine whether your follicles are maturing in the right way or not.

Pregnancy Lifestyle in Week 2

Before conceiving, you have to adapt to lifestyle to enhance your chances of a healthy pregnancy. Some of the lifestyle changes to be included in this week are:

·       Keep a track of your cycle.

·       Go for an ovulation test

·       Begin taking prenatal vitamins

·       Keep a check on your cervical mucus

·       Opt for a healthy lifestyle with good sleep, healthy diet, regular exercising and more.

Pregnancy Checklist in Week 2

There are a few things which you should during the early days of your pregnancy:

·       Keep a track of your fertile window

·       Keep an eye on other ovulation signs

·       Go for an ovulation test

·       Have sex