10 Tips keep your Children Healthy during Summer Season

In summer you have to be very careful regarding your children's health. Here are the essential health tips you should follow to keep your kids fit & healthy.

10 Tips keep your Children Healthy during Summer Season
Important tips to keep your kids healthy during summer

The summer season has arrived and it started showing its drastic effects. Newborn babies and children are very vulnerable to the summer season, as this season brings health-related problems like heat rashes, sunburn, heatstroke, dehydration, diaper rashes, loss of appetite, bug bites, and other summer-borne diseases, especially in children.

However, it is very significant to keep in mind that safety is key and practicing healthy habits and lifestyle are imperative for your child’s health. Here are the top 10 tips that you should follow to keep your children healthy and fit during hot summer.

Summer care tips for babies and kids

Stays hydrated and drink enough water

Till 6 months, give your baby your own breast milk or formula milk. No water should be given, as it can put them at risk of diarrhea and malnutrition.

For the above 6-month-year-old baby, encourage children to have lots of water, make sure your children are drinking enough water at least 8 glasses of water in a day.  Fresh fruit juices, coconut water, chaas or lassi, fresh vegetable salads help replenish water in the body.

Choose the right kind of summer clothes

Light 100% cotton clothes are ideal for your newborn and children during the summer season. It is better to avoid clothes made up of synthetic fabrics.

For newborn babies, whenever possible loosen or remove the cloths. Try to prefer cloth diapers over disposable diapers and keep changing them at regular intervals. For newborn babies, in the summer season wrap them in light muslin or cotton cloths with no heavy blanket.

Whenever you are taking your baby outside, make your baby wear long full sleeve cotton cloths to prevent direct sun rays.

Massage during summer

Massaging newborn babies before the bath is always good, but especially during the summer season, you have to keep few things in mind.

While massaging your baby, coconut oil is the best as it is lighter in texture and easily absorbs into the skin. Other than coconut oil, you can also do massage with sesame oil or almond oil.

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Protect skin from the sun

Apart from vitamin-D, the sun rays also carry harmful radiations that can be allergic and even burn your skin. To keep your baby from heat rashes try to avoid taking your baby outside in the sun from 11 am to 4 pm. And even you are taking them outside in a daytime try to make your baby wear long full sleeve cotton cloths to prevent direct sun rays.

Avoid bug bites

We all know that the summer season is the breeding time for mosquitoes and other insects. If you are going outside with your children or they are going for playing outside, apply insect repellant to avoid bug bites.

Avoid junk food  

We all junk food and especially children because these junk food are very tasteful while eating, but at the same time they are harmful to our body and health. Eating junk food can increase indigestion and food poisoning concerns. In summer try to avoid street food or anything which is not cooked at home.

Enough rest

As in summer, days are longer and nights are shorter, children don’t get enough rest and time to sleep well. Even due to high temperature, the body gets exhausted quickly, so children should have enough sleep and rest to recover them and to improve their immunity.  

Eye care

As we all know, the eyes are an important and delicate part of our body. So, you should take extra care of your eyes especially during the summer season. If your children are going outside during the daytime in summer, make them wear a hat with a wide brim so that it can give shades to their eyes. Try to use goggles at the pool and sunglasses with UV protection when you are exposed to sunlight.

Regulate body temperature

In the summer season, air conditioners are a big relief to sustaining hot weather. But too much temperature change while you move from AC to Non-AC atmosphere can bring an imbalance in your normal body temperature. Whenever you are going outside with your children please switch off your AC 15 minutes before you move outside. This will help the body to adjust the steep temperature variations in a much better way.

Do not avoid the breakfast

The most important meal in a day is breakfast. You should give healthy and fresh food to your children for their breakfast that will keep them active and energetic throughout the day. Try to include oatmeal and fresh fruits in their breakfast, which will help in their growth and development of their brain, bones, and healthy muscles.