Doctor Activities & Fun Ideas for Kids

Doctor Activities & Fun Ideas for Kids



Doctor Activities & Fun Ideas for Kids


1st July is celebrated as National Doctor’s day in India. Children are often afraid of doctors because of frequent visits to Doctors house and painful experience of Vaccination. Doctor’s day is a great opportunity and can be celebrated by teaching your little one interesting art and craft activities related to doctor.


Cotton Swab Painting
Place cotton swabs, cotton balls, and makeup paint on a table in the art area. The cotton swabs and balls can be used as painting tools.


Body Tracing
Tell your child to lie down on a large paper sheet and trace their body. The body shape can be decorated at school by the child with color chalk and felt-tip markers. The shapes could also be taken home and decorated with help of parents.


Eye Dropper Painting:-
Take some water and make it colored using food color, give it to your child and ask him to use eye dropper and paint some creating designs with this on construction paper.


Draw good health posters like cover coughs and sneezes, wash hands after toileting and before eating, eat healthy foods. It will help your child educate with fun.


Doctor’s Bags
make a doctor’s bag for your child. Material needs:-

  • Black construction paper
  • Red construction paper
  • Stapler
  • White chalk
  • Band-aids, cotton balls, Etc.

How to make:-

1. Fold the black paper in half and draw a doctor bag on it so that the fold is the bottom of the bag.
2. Cut it out and staple the sides together
3. Cut a red cross out of the red paper and glue it on the bag
4. Write your child name start with Dr. on the other side of the bag
5. Put cotton balls, band-aids, and whatever else you would find in a doctor bag that your child could play with.


Make Stethoscope: Have the children paint each the cupped areas of an egg box (cut up one for each child) then make a hole in cupped and tie a yarn through for their stethoscopes.


Doctor Games and Activities:-

if you have a stethoscope, let your child listen to their own heart beats. Practice feeling pulses or take the pulses of stuffed animals.

Place a variety of unbreakable thermometers on the table. Include a candy, meat, and an outdoor thermometer. Also include a strip thermometer that can be safely used on children’s foreheads.


Plaster Casts:-
Collect some clean and discarded casts from a local hospital. Place the casts on the table, ask your children to observe the materials, and let them try for size, as well as feel their weight. The children may also enjoy decorating the casts with colors.


Tongue Depressor Dominoes:-

            Make a set of dominoes by writing tongue depressors on it. Divide each tongue depressor in half with a felt-tip marker. On each half part place a different number of dot markers. Consider the children’s developmental level in determining the number of dots to be included. Reveal to interest children how to play dominoes.

Set up a Clinic


  • Reception Desk
  • Clean jars holding
  • Ace bandage
  • Gauze roll bandages
  • Band-aids -tongue depressors
  • Cotton balls
  • Soap
  • Paper Cups
  • Paper towels
  • Men’s old shirts for gown or apron
  • Rubber gloves
  • Toy phone
  • Clipboard
  • Pencils
  • Changing Room
  • Variety of shoes, dresses, white or blue dress shirts, white aprons
  • Make an examination room with use of soft mat or camping cot to lie down on. Ask your child to play a role of sick person or sometimes a doctor. Do not prescribe and medicine during playing and also teach your child that only responsible grown-ups give medicine to kids.