Healthy diet for kids during summer

Healthy diet for kids during summer

Healthy diet for kids during summer

During summers, kids get a little irritated and do not like to eat too much. A lot of moms face this problem. But, do not worry we have a whole long list of lip smacking recipes here for you. A lot of summer recipes for children are based on fruits and veggies. Check out some of them below;

Summer time means different fruits which are healthy and restore their water content. A reliable way to make your kids have fruits is by making fruit based desserts:

1.      Strawberry and kiwi cubes

extract the pulp from the fruits and mix some sugar, fresh cream and cinnamon powder in a blender along with pulp. Keep it in a tray and top it with kiwi pieces. Put the tray in the freezer and cut into cubes and serve cold.

2.      Mango and nuts smoothie

Mangoes are loved by kids and you can make it a treat for them. Extract the mango pulp. Boil some milk and allow it to cool. Add the pulp to the milk and mix. Put the mango pieces in the mix and add cashews, walnuts and almonds. Put whip cream and serve chilled.

3.      Juices

The best healthy drinks are juices. Give your child coconut water, lemon water, cucumber, watermelon juice as coolants to fight the blistering heat.

4.      Fruit cups

No matter it is breakfast, or evening snack, a chilled fruit salad is a fresh tasty choice for kids and the whole family Half the melon and fill it with papaya and tender coconut.

5.      Yoghurt

Curd us a sumptuous coolant. Add fruits to the curd to make it delicious and wholesome smoothie. Churn it with water and add jal jeera. Also use it for masala buttermilk. Yoghurt has cooling properties and works amazingly well for the digestive system of your toddler. It is a rich source of protein and calcium and comes with other nutrients too.

6.      Wraps

A new version of chapatti, a wrap has several health benefits. Fill it with stamina food chees, veggies, spinach, onions and chicken to keep your kid happy.

7.      Burgers

It is one chest beating item for your kid. Spice the burger with health filling with whipped curd, chicken or veg patties, veggies and lentils. Use some pepper and salt for taste.

8.      Pancakes

Dish out an immediate energy booster and a fun food for breakfast for kids with sliced banana or blueberry. Top it up with whole wheat grain and top it up with fresh fruits and strawberries.

9.      Eggs

Eggs are an amazing way to boost stamina of your child. Scrambled eggs sautéed with wholegrain bread is a great option. French toasts with flakes r caramel egg custard is also a great option for picky eaters.

10.  Popcorn

Yummy, popcorn is the healthiest snack for your kids during summer. Include a little cheese, salt and pepper to give it zing and give them in limited quantities.

11.  Musk melon/ Water melon

Serve it as wedges or as juice and both ways they are delectable. Make sure that you eat some daily along with seeds as it has rich iron content. You can also freeze watermelon sorbet and eat them as popsicles to bring in variety.

12.  Naturally sweet food items

Give them a fistful of raisins, walnuts, cashew nuts and almonds in a cup of yoghurt. It is nourishing than a nutty ice cream. Top the strawberries with dark chocolate sauce as another great serving for your kids. Put a little whipped cream for enhanced taste.

13.  Salad

Make sure your kids eat a bowl of salad every day in summers. It will not just keep them nourished but hydrated and active the whole day. Salad is a great source of fiber and is low in calories and fat. Leafy veggies like lettuce, spinach and cabbage are perfect ingredients to be included in a salad for sufficient hydration during the hot season. They have good amount of water content and easy on the stomach. They also help your body to release heat. Make soups and salads of leafy green vegetables and your kids will love them.


These are some of the healthy diet options for kids during summers.