The Right Time to Consult an Infertility Specialist

The Right Time to Consult an Infertility Specialist

The Right Time to Consult an Infertility Specialist

Difficulty in conceiving is amongst the most common problems that couples face. As many as one in seven women and their partner experience issues related with fertility.  Women or couples in general remain quiet about issues relating to reproduction until consulting a medical expert becomes last retort.

While there are many aspects that determine the ability of couples to conceive, however if all attempts to reproduce have failed then consulting an infertility expert is the most viable option. Since couples start panicking too early in case they are not able to create an embryo, they are suggested to wait for some time before finally approaching infertility experts.

Although there is no specific time to consult medical experts, normal couples not being able to bear a child should follow the given below timeline to get in contact with infertility experts.

Wait for a year – In case, you are facing difficulty in conceiving after months of unprotected sex then you can wait for more time to consul an infertility specialist. Normal couples in their early thirties or late 20’s should try for at least 12 months to conceive a baby. Doctors recommend women to wait for at least 12 months before coming for consultation from them.

Since conceiving a baby requires the egg and sperm to come together for women to ovulate, this could take little time or months and therefore it is recommended to couples to approach medical experts after a period of 12 months.

 Six months in case of 35 years – After the age of 35 years, a woman is said to enter into advance maternal age and the chances of her conceiving a child is lesser in comparison to a woman of young age. Since the chances of bearing a child starts diminishing as women age, it is still a good age to get pregnant between 35 and 40.

The process of egg supply decrease in women after the age of 35 and therefore they are required to have sex on regular occasion to allow the sperm come in contact with eggs so as to enable them ovulate. However, after attempting to conceive for continuous six months does not result in success it is time to consult fertility expert.

Not conceiving a child after repeated attempts for six months requires you to reproductive endocrinologist who either will diagnose your problem through medication or may suggest you the option of IVF.

Immediately in case of 40 years and above – Once a woman crosses the age of 40, the quality and quantity of eggs drop significantly during or after this period the chances of conceiving diminish greatly while the chances of miscarriage become more possible.  Although, it is possible for women to conceive a child after the age of 40, it gets vital for them to stay in touch with gynaecologist regularly to avoid complications that could result during the course of pregnancy.

While some women successfully conceive a child after crossing 40, it gets important you consult infertility expert immediately if you are finding it tough to bear a child after making repeated attempts. Reproductive endocrinologist suggest couples to contact them immediately in case they have been indulging in sex regularly to conceive child.

Apart from the three above mentioned scenarios where couples are required to approach infertility experts after certain period, given below are some other situations where consulting a fertility becomes important .

  • A woman having history of 3 or more miscarriages should consult infertility experts immediately once she has ovulated or has just got pregnant.
  • Couples having known risk factor such as any kind of sexually transmitted disease or inflammatory
  • Among the various things, women having issues with thyroid or unbalances BMI should come in contact with infertility expert before conceiving or if they are not finding success with bearing a child.
  • Additionally, if you have been diagnosed with reproductive issue of any nature during your lifetime then too it gets important to consult an infertility expert before or between the processes of conceiving a child.

Conclusion – Therefore, any woman or couple facing issues with reproduction should look to wait for suggested time before approaching medical help. Once confirmed of complications, you can always get in touch with infertility experts to get optimum solution for the problem.