Rubella : How it can have an impact on your pregnancy!

Rubella : How it can have an impact on your pregnancy!

Every lady has a gift bestowed by god upon them which is the gift to nurture a new life in her. This is why it is often been said that a lady is not less than a goddess. But as a husband or brother, you may praise her efforts but you will never be able to understand the pain that a lady has to go through in order to give birth to new life. There are various complications that can exist during the pregnancy period.

It may have a fatal impact on the kid as well as the mother and will make the life very tough for both of them. There are many health problems that might exist during the pregnancy period. Rubella is one such disease that tends to cause a lot of problems to the mother as well as the baby that is developing within her womb.

What is rubella?

Rubella is a virus that is contagious and it spreads by coughing. It is a form of measles which can be prevented when taken care of. There are red measles that seem to exist in various parts of your body. Along with rashes, the person suffering from the problem may also have some other problems like headache, mild fever amongst others. Though it can be cured if proper medication and care of the disease is taken by the infected person.

Rubella and pregnancy -

Though rubella is not that harmful a disease in the normal circumstances but it can be very harmful when the mother develops it during the early phase of her pregnancy. It can hamper the development of the kid and may also be risky for the life of both mother as well as the kid.

Birth defects of Rubella -

If the mother is suffering from the Rubella during the pregnancy period, the child is always at risk. In most of the cases, he is born with some birth defect that makes his life tougher and painful at the same time. Some of the common defects of Rubella are cataract, deafness, low weight at the time of birth, heart problems along with rashes on skin.

Vaccine and prevention -

It is always been said that prevention is better than cure. As parents, it is your duty to take care of your child and you need to begin early. Before planning your family, you shall make sure that the mother consults with the doctor.

It might be a very smart idea to get attenuated with MMR vaccination almost four weeks prior to family planning. You shall also look to avoid intercourse during that period or make use of anti-pregnancy drugs to ensure that you do not get pregnant within those four weeks.