Pregnancy Week – 42

When a pregnancy reaches the 42nd week, it is considered as a post term pregnancy. Though this exists in a very rare case, but sometimes hormones, obesity and genetics may be the reason.

Pregnancy Week – 42
Pregnancy Week – 42

When a pregnancy reaches the 42nd week, it is considered as a post term pregnancy. Though this exists in a very rare case, but sometimes hormones, obesity and genetics may be the reason. Do not worry! Sometimes the due dates may get miscalculated. So, there is nothing wrong with your 42nd week of pregnancy.

How big is your 42 weeks baby?

Even in the 42 week, your baby is growing. He has reached the size of a big watermelon. He is 20.3 inches tall and weighs around 8.1 pounds. He is still happily moving in your belly and doing kicks. However, overdue babies may look some wrinkled. Do not worry. Once they start feeding, the skin will get normal.

Pregnancy belly week 42

  • Your body is taking a lot of strain because of the extended weeks and so is your belly. If a pregnancy lasts more than 39 weeks, then the belly gets highly stretched. It may feel very huge and heavy.
  • Because of the rising risks, your doctor may suggest labor induction in this week. The techniques used are:
  • Stripping the membranes: It sets your body over the edge. Your doctor will swipe the amniotic sac and cause contraction in 48 hours.
  • Breaking the water: A plastic hook like instrument is used to break the sac. It will cause contraction within hours.
  • Ripening the cervix: A medicine known as prostaglandin is inserted in the vagina to dilate the cervix.
  • Commence contraction: IV is hooked with hormone oxytocin to start contractions.

Pregnancy symptoms week 42

  • This week brings a lot of physical and emotional changes in you. Some of them are:
  • Swollen ankles and feet: You may have cramping in legs. Walking for too long may be tough.
  • Your vulva may be swollen: You may have heaviness in your pelvis. As your baby weighs around 4.5kg, it is expected.
  • Problem of urinating frequently: As a lot of pressure is built on the bladder, there is hardly any place to store urine.
  • Vaginal discharge: You may spot slight blood spots. If you notice heavy bleeding, then contact your doctors.
  • Water breaking: If you notice fluids being released, then call your doctor.
  • Contractions: There may be regular and strong contractions. It is a big sign of labor. They are more severe than Braxton Hicks.
  • You may also suffer from frequent diarrhoea. There are chances of back pain too.

Pregnancy ultrasound week 42

Your baby is very cozy and comfortable inside. As he continues to grow, your doctor may discuss options of inducing labor.

In this week, your baby has shed vernix caseosa and his skin may get a little dry. As the due date has passed, your doctor will monitor the baby more closely. An ultrasound, non-stress test and contraction test is conducted to know all about the baby.

Apart from this, everything seems to be fine and your baby is good inside your uterus.

Pregnancy lifestyle week 42

  • Know your rights. If you don’t want induction, then you can decline it. Find out the risks involved and take your chances. The major risk is that the placenta starts getting else efficient in supplying food, nutrients and oxygen to your baby. Thus, they need to be monitored regularly.
  • Make sure you maintain your healthy diet to keep providing nourishment to your baby. Stick to eating vegetables and fruits. Do not eat junk food. It is still possible to have sex in this week.

Pregnancy checklist week 42

  • Take more walks
  • Have sex
  • Discuss the risk of longer pregnancy
  • Practice relaxation techniques.
  • Go for the induction procedure as suggested by your doctor.