IUI Success Tips: Increase Your Chances of Getting Pregnant

Are you looking for IUI success tips? Here are the best effective tips to increase the chances of getting pregnant after IUI for women.

IUI Success Tips: Increase Your Chances of Getting Pregnant
What to do after IUI for success

Everyone wants to have their own children at some point in life; however, due to infertility problems, conceiving a child can be just a dream for some of the women. When a woman cannot able to conceive normally, it becomes a huge emotional struggle for the whole family. But now there is no need to lose hope as, with the advancements in medical sciences, there are various different methods of conception available for the people who are struggling with infertility problem that led the couples to be helpless in giving birth to their own child.

One of the medical techniques is intrauterine insemination (IUI), which is a fertility treatment where sperm are placed directly into a woman's uterus when she is ovulating. This medical procedure is used for couples with unexplained infertility, minimal male factor infertility, and women with cervical mucus problems.

Tips and Suggestions to Make IUI Successful

To be successful with IUI, you need to do your own research and make some lifestyle changes. Some IUI pregnancy success tips are listed below.

Meet an Expert

The IUI process needs to be monitored closely, so make sure that you are taking the medical help from the right doctor. Even, you must examine and make sure that this IUI treatment is suitable for your body type or not. Sometimes, after examination doctors suggest other ways of conception that suit your body and medical conditions.

Do Your Research

If you have selected IUI procedure because of infertility issues, then do some research as even IVF treatment can be a better option for you and easy-on-your-pocket. In the case of women above 40 years of age, IVF is suggested by experts more than IUI because the success rates of IVF are generally higher for older women.

Adopt a Healthy Diet

Your diet highly influences the success rate of IUI. For this, include more protein-rich foods on your plate and cut down on carbs. In fact, even if you are struggling with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, switching to a healthier balanced diet can increase the chances of conception. A good nutrition-rich diet always makes way for a better pregnancy in women.

Start Exercising

Moderate exercise is also good after IUI. You just need to keep moving and not sit in a stationary position for long. However, don’t start with rigorous workouts as this is not recommended by experts.

Avoid Smoking

As per research, women who smoke need more gonadotropin doses for ovarian stimulation. This negatively affects the IUI success rate. Hence, the best option is to quit smoking overall.

De-stress and Control Anxiety

Going through the IUI process may lead to an emotional upheaval, but learn to relax, calm yourself and have realistic expectations. This will assist your body to react positively to IUI procedure.

Have Sex after IUI

Doctors suggest that having sex after an IUI procedure actually helps women in conceiving easily. The key reason is that during sex, the uterus begins to contract, and pushes the sperm towards the fallopian tubes and the egg.

Be Happy

At last, always try to be happy. For this, do things that make you feel happy. So, when you want to get pregnant, your lifestyle must reflect the cheerfulness of having a baby. Your positive and happy emotions can enhance the success rates of getting pregnant.