Pregnancy Week – 21

having spent 21 weeks with your baby, you are halfway down your journey to become a mother. Now is the time to pick up cool and beautiful names for your child.

Pregnancy Week – 21
Pregnancy Week – 21

having spent 21 weeks with your baby, you are halfway down your journey to become a mother. Now is the time to pick up cool and beautiful names for your child. At 21 weeks pregnancy, changing table pads or baby bouncers may be difficult. There are several kicks and nudges as your baby swims in the amniotic fluid and does casual somersaults. Basically, now you have just four months more to wait.

How big is your 21- week baby?

Your baby has reached halfway to his birth size and is developing very quickly. Part of his growth is majorly because his stomach has started absorbing nutrients from the amniotic fluid. In week 21, the heart of your baby is loud enough to be heard via a stethoscope. Listen to the fast rhythm of your child as 120 or 160 beats per min. Your child is around 10.5 inches and 12.7 ounces about the size of a carrot. You may feel the bump.

Pregnancy belly week 21

At 21 weeks, your baby will leave marks on you in the form of stretch marks. They will be visible all your over hips, breasts, thighs and stomach. As your baby is expanding, your belly also grows accordingly. The belly is now practically visible and you need to wear comfortable and loose fitting clothes or maternity dresses.

You have the new super sexy curve on you. You may be gaining weight quite rapidly now. Now the fetial movements are noticeable and if you press your hands on your belly, you may feel a slight push back!

Pregnancy symptoms week 21

  • In the 21st week of your pregnancy, you are actually in your second trimester mid. It means your discomfort will casually fall down. You will get more comfortable with the changes in your body. However, some of the symptoms you will experience are:
  • Rise in appetite: With the growth of the baby, it will need more nutrients from you through the amniotic fluid and placenta. Thus, you have higher cravings for different snacks.
  • Leaky breasts: Your milk ducts get completely developed by this trimester’s end.
  • Dry skin: As your skin is stretching so it may get irritated. Use lotion to keep your skin moisturized and less itchy.
  • Nudges and kicks: You may feel them on your womb and as the weeks increase, the intensity will increase.
  • Headaches: They may occur because of hormonal changes or dehydration.
  • Sore spots: Backaches are common as uterus is shifting and pulling your lower back ahead.
  • Braxton Hicks contradictions: It is called false labor. It happens because your body is preparing itself for labor, but it is harmless.

Pregnancy ultrasound week 21

Obtaining an ultrasound in this week is a special moment as it will actually help you see and hear your child. The bones are developing and the eyes have formed. If it is a girl, then the vagina is completely formed. The skeletal structures, chest, lungs, heart and everything is well-formed by now! Get a lot of printouts to show the pictures to your relatives and friends.

Pregnancy lifestyle week 21

During this time, you should have an activity to keep yourself engaged in. Do not shut yourself in the house. Go for walks, invite friends and do some yoga or mild exercise.

Pregnancy checklist week 21

  • Use a footrest to keep your feet a little high wherever you sit.
  • Go for warm bath to relieve your back ache.
  • Make sure you have booked an appointment for delivery in the hospital by now.
  • Plan for your baby show and narrow down the list of names.
  • Plan a glucose challenge test.