Pregnancy Week – 22

If you have passed 21 weeks of pregnancy, then this is 22nd week now and undoubtedly, it is getting crowded in there! Your baby is growing fast and invading your space.

Pregnancy Week – 22
Pregnancy Week – 22

If you have passed 21 weeks of pregnancy, then this is 22nd week now and undoubtedly, it is getting crowded in there! Your baby is growing fast and invading your space. Sometimes it may get tough to catch your breath and your back may ache like hell. 22 weeks is a great time to begin a maternity portrait session. Your baby is physically active and is moving more intensively in your body.

How big is your 22 weeks baby?

Now your baby is 11.2 cm in length and weighs around 480 gms. As it doesn’t have any fatty tissue, the baby is very thin. He is the size of a coconut. The hair is white because there isn’t any pigment. The eyelids are developed and he is kicking, flexing and doing everything. If it is a girl, then her mammary glands will start developing in this week. If it is a boy, then his scrotum will start to descend.

Pregnancy belly week 22

Your body is getting crowded and thus your belly has to continue with its growth. Once you reach 22nd week, your belly make your look more pregnant. A lot of people will rub your belly to feel the baby. You will have stretch marks rapidly growing on your stomach, tights, buttocks. Weight gain is likely on the rise.

Pregnancy symptoms week 22

  • Regardless of the periodic pains during this time, pregnancy is exciting. Your baby will now make you feel pregnant. Your morning sickness and appetites are resolved. But there may be some other symptoms:
  • Stretch marks are common by this week. Hormonal changes make your stretch marks grow as your baby expands.
  • Swollen feet and hands: your rings on finger and shoes may get a little tight because of the rise in the oedema fluid in your body. Severe swelling is common on your hands, feet and face.
  • Higher sex desire: some moms may have a rise in libido which may add to their desire to have sex.
  • Increase vaginal discharge: because of rise in blood flow, some to-be moms may have higher vaginal discharge.
  • Problem in catching your breath: baby growth may crowd your lungs and make it tough for you to breath.
  • Other symptoms comprise of gas and constipation, abdominal pain, varicose veins, nausea, diarrhoea, cramping, pelvic pressure and braxton hicks contractions.

Pregnancy ultrasound week 22

The ultrasound presents the image of your baby. You can see the growth of your baby, his position and fetal movements. You can know about the sex of your child. You can get a glimpse of all the major organs of your baby. Most likely you will catch the baby sleeping. It is around 14 hours per day.

Pregnancy lifestyle week 22

You should consume variety of healthy fruits and veggies along with fish, low fat dairy and lean meat on daily basis. Make sure you drink a lot of liquid and lower your caffeine intake. Don’t eat fish high in mercury content. Consume your prenatal vitamins timely. And, if you are still smoking, then give it up now. You can also exercise mildly to comfort your body. Do not force yourself. Speaking of sex, you can comfortably have sex during this week of pregnancy and it will not hurt your baby a bit.

Pregnancy checklist week 22

  • Do not consume any over-the-counter medicines without consulting your doctor.
  • Make a shopping plan for your baby’s nursery.
  • Practice some pelvic floor exercise.
  • Plan your maternity shoot
  • If you require a childcare, then start looking.
  • Discuss all the things related to the second trimester with your doctor.
  • Know about tying diaper to your kid and other things.