Dig into the List of Exercises to Be Avoided During Pregnancy

While pregnancy the pregnant women should do exercises to remain healthy, but they should avoid some exercises during pregnancy time that is listed here.

Dig into the List of Exercises to Be Avoided During Pregnancy
Exercises to Be Avoided During Pregnancy

If you are pregnant then it is good that to be remain fit and healthy by doing some kind of exercises that can even include walking in a garden or swimming. It will not only ensure the better blood circulation in your body but also assist in transferring blood and oxygen to the womb in a better way. Exercise also help pregnant women in preventing common pregnancy complaints and prepares your body for a smooth and easy delivery. But, while doing exercise keep this in mind that It is not safe to practice some kind of exercises during pregnancy, as such exercise can create pregnancy issues. Read on to know more about the exercises which the pregnant women should avoid during pregnancy to prevent health risks.

Exercises to Be Avoided by Pregnant Women
Look at the exercises which the pregnant women should avoid during pregnancy.

Exercise that strain your back

It is good to do exercises even while you are pregnant and if you are doing floor exercises while you are lying down on floor for more than 2-3 minutes, sometime it can be risky for your baby, especially when the pregnant women are in the second trimester and they have their baby bump protruded out. When you lie flat on back while doing floor exercises, the weight of the belly creates a pressure on the main blood vessel that brings blood back to your heart from the lower limbs making you feel flighty. This can also reduces blood supply level to the foetus.

Exercises that create demand holding breath for long time

It is essential to practice deep breathing exercises during pregnancy period. It helps in better supply of blood and oxygen to the foetus, which leads to proper functioning and agility. If you try to hold the breath for longer time while doing exercises, then oxygen supply will be affected, which can lead to faintness and breathlessness, hence resulting in shortage of oxygen supply for your baby, which is very dangerous. So breathe easy, and never hold it for long duration.

Exercises that create abnormal pressure

While performing some kind of exercises pressure on abdomen can lead to a drop in your blood pressure levels due to the interference of abdomen with proper blood supply. So keep this in mind that exercises involving abdominal pressure must be avoided during pregnancy duration. The pregnant women should avoid exercises such as abdominal crunches, deep knee bends, double leg raises, straight-leg toe touches, full sit-ups, jarring motions, rapid changes in direction, bicycling, surfing, snowboarding, waist twisting motions while standing, as all these exercises create abdominal pressure. You can try other exercises like squatting, side raises, Pilates and also Kegels to toughen your abdominal muscles.

Exercises That Hurt Your Joints

The hormone relaxing released during pregnancy loosens the joints and ligaments of your body. It can be harmful now if you do any sort of exercise that involves vigorous movements causing a jolt to the joints. Activities where falling is likely like skiing, gymnastics, or horseback riding, practicing martial arts, running, contact sports and high-impact sports such as ice hockey, softball, football, soccer, volleyball and basketball, extensive jumping, hopping, skipping, bouncing, or running should be avoided.