Postpartum Blues – Causes and Management

Postpartum Blues – Causes and Management

Postpartum Blues - Causes and Management!!

For mothers who just delivered their babies, experiencing mood swings and feeling weepy is quite common. Though, the family fills up with joy and pleasure welcoming a sweet little life at the home yet the baby mother gets some uncomfortable vibes, making her not feel well after two or three of delivery. Baby birth is a moment of joy but it challenges a mother to suffer in a lot other ways.

After few days, the baby has taken birth some exhausted feelings enter the mother's life like crying on no reason, sleepless nights, feeling unhappy for no reason and many more which can make an individual much depressed and suffocated. The situation is commonly popular as the baby blues and a good percentage of women suffer from the same after giving birth to babies.

Let's talk about some of the symptoms of the problem -

  • Crying without any apparent reason is a common baby blues symptom which many women experience after delivery.
  • Mothers do get impatient in such situations as they don't feel well enough to live happy moments one after the other. Losing patience is also an accepted symptom of the issue.
  • Developing a poor mind set often takes away the comfortable night sleep. Mothers who are suffering from sleepless nights after delivering a baby can be considered suffering from baby blues.
  • Feeling inappropriate even after having a baby makes women sad and brings mood swings. Sadness and mood swings are major symptoms of the baby blues which is common in most of the cases noted.

Causes of Baby Blues

We just can say that the appropriate cause of the baby blues is yet curtained. Experts somehow have related the issue with hormone change which makes a woman uncomfortable before and after the baby birth. It is believed that hormonal changes within a woman results in some chemical changes which affects the brain and bring irrelevant situations for her. The level of hormones drops and the milk starts coming in breasts which makes the situations exhausted.

A mother feels depressed, unhappy, irritated because of some possible changes made within after giving birth to a child. After the baby is born, the mother needs to make certain adjustments like disturbance in sleep, affected routine and mixed emotions for the baby and the family which collectively can be treated as a valid cause of the problem.

As a mother, a woman wishes to treat her baby well but the situations won't allow her to do so, resulting in some unhappy feelings covering the woman's mind. With the multiplication of noted cases, the problem of baby blues lasts for around fourteen days after a baby has taken birth. The care takers can handle the situations well for this period and make everything perfect as before.

Baby Blues Management -

Taking good care of the mother who is actually suffering is a protected baby blues management technique. Some of the rest benefiting concepts are –

  • Talking with someone who understands your feelings gives ultimate pleasure both in good and bad situations. Mother suffering from baby blues must get in conversation with those who she thinks care for her feelings and understand her well. This decreases the amount of sadness developed within her mind and mood.
  • Having a proper diet is very necessary for a mother who has just delivered a baby. A balanced diet can only control mood swings and allow her to live well and happily for the time.
  • Getting close to nature like parks where you can feel fresh air is also helpful for the situation. This makes a huge difference as you change your surroundings from time to time and get no time for thinking of developed sorrows from within.
  • Care takers should try developing happy environment for making the mother feel excited about the baby and emotions of the family.

Conclusion –

Though, there are management techniques yet mothers should not expect to get well before a week. You must give time to yourself for getting back to the normal routine as giving baby a birth is never easy.

You must not feel like alone in such situations as it can make the condition worst and may result in postpartum depression. A woman should be honest with those who in care taking and must explain her feeling well to get back to happy state.