Know the consequences of failed IVF treatment and what you should do ?

Know the consequences of failed IVF treatment and what you should do ?

Know the consequences of failed IVF treatment and what you should do?

No matter whether it’s your fourth IUI or first clomid cycle failed IVF fertility treatment feels terrible. Any cycle or treatment which does not lead to the most beautiful experience of pregnancy really feels bad. This is not only because you have invested money and time, but you emotionally connect with it and hopes are much higher. But, sometime higher hopes can cause more frustrations, especially when things do not go in the planned way. On the other hand, the good news is that with help of right treatment and persistence most of the couples eventually get a baby. In case, if you do not get desired result then need not to worry as there are many ways through which you can have a baby even if IVF process is failed.

Go for couple counseling session - If you are expecting a baby with IVF treatment, but learnt that treatment has failed then this can be very devastating. But, you are not the only one who is going through this situation as there are many other couples. So, the first thing which you should go for in such situation is counselling session that will help in targeting enough power and building trust on yourself. With the help of counseling, you can also overcome negative thoughts as well.

There are many such centers that you can visit and get yourself pampered. Fertility and IVF treatment success is never guaranteed at any fertility clinic, no matter whatever they told you. So you must follow up some support in case if everything does not in the way as planned. By visiting counseling center you will have peace of mind and will also get professional help from fertility counselors who are always present to help and listen with a possible outcome. With this all emotions and frustrations that you are feeling is natural and counselors ensure that you can continue with process and lead a positive journey towards parenthood.

How to get positive results from second time IVF treatment?

Many women who are having failed in first IVF cycle will be successful in second or third cycle. It is not important that all issues influence the failure or success of IVF, but some are there which can help in making next cycle to result in pregnancy. Age is an important factor which helps in predicting the success or failure of IVF. With age the eggs of women get older, quality of eggs are declined as few eggs and few eggs are produced. This normally happens when you are in thirties and decline accelerates when you reach at age of 37. The chance an IVF cycle will need fresh non donor eggs result in live birth and on average is almost 32 percent for 34 year woman, but 12 percent for 42 or 43 year old woman. Another reason because of which, IVF cycle fail is poor quality of embryo. Usually, embryos fail to grow and implant as they have genetic or chromosomal defects. While on other side, older eggs are also likely to result in poor quality embryo.