Importance of Egg Donation In Process Of IVF

Importance of Egg Donation In Process Of IVF

Importance of Egg Donation In Process Of IVF

For whom egg donation is helpful?

Egg donation program can help women in number of way, some situations in which this program is helpful are -

  • When women have undergone cancer treatment such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy or surgery which often damages ovaries and eggs because of which no egg is produced.
  • Where there is been continuous IVF failure because of poor quality embryos or eggs, or if someone is not responding to stimulation or if any woman is not able to get pregnant.
  • If any women is born with congenital condition that means that have either underdeveloped or absent ovaries.
  • Some women who under age of 40 go through premature menopause.
  • Declining ovary function because of age
  • If there is risk of passing genetic disorders to child.
  • For such women who have tried and failed in getting pregnant from many years as they don’t know the cause of infertility.

Process of egg donation -

Find egg donor - If you have decided to use donor eggs then decide whether to have it from family members, anonymous donor or a friend. In case, if you have decided go other an anonymous donor then can easily find one through fertility clinic, an egg donation agency or frozen egg bank. You have to choose donor based on education records, physical characteristics, occupation and ethnic background. Most of the egg donors are between age of 21 and 34 and have genetic or medical screening. Be sure to ask about whether candidates are screened as some organizations make less effort to know the background of egg donor. While on other hand, if you have decided to use embryos then look for embryo donating agencies also known as embryo adoption agencies.

Get counseling - Once your fertility clinic or agency finds right donor, then you and donor get counselling from professional counselor on emotional impact of donation, ethical impacts and medical impacts.

Make it legal - Egg donation is not an easy process at all as it involves some legal procedure also. The donor and you may have to draw up lawyers and get a contract done. This contract will define future contact, parental rights, financial obligations and much more. Laws vary from country to country but most donors usually sign their rights away to children. A legally binding contract is quite helpful for parents and donors who want to stay in touch with the born child even after donating them.

What should be expected from procedure of egg donation?  

The procedure of egg implantation anddonation is very much similar to basic IVF treatment. After an exam, the woman receiving egg of donor will need to have hormone treatment course in order to prepare herself for the eggs. In case, if she is having functioning ovaries then will need progesterone and estrogen treatments which will make her cycle coincide with donor. Meanwhile, donor will also get treatment related to hormones in order to induce superovulation. Once she will get ready, eggs will be then retrieved and fertilized. Few days later, the embryos or embryo is implanted in the uterus of recipient. After this, the recipient takes hormones continuously for 10 weeks in order to get pregnant.