How to measure body temperature in kids : Various methods

How to measure body temperature in kids : Various methods

One of the things with the kids that we all know is that they are very sensitive and any foreign instance is going to have an impact on their health. The kids have a tendency to have high body temperatures and you shall always be very careful about this issue as well. You shall make sure that you are taking correct measurement of the body temperature and taking the kids to the doctor in case the temperature is more than normal.

You shall be very careful while taking the body temperature as any kind of casualness in measurement can have bad impact on the baby. You shall also be very careful about the quality of the thermometer that you are using to measure the body temperature of your baby. Here are some of the methods that are used for the measurement of the body temperature of the baby –

Axillary or under your armpit method – This method is most commonly used with the newborn babies as well as the young kids and quite a good way to measure the temperature of the body. Here is a look at how to implement and execute the armpit method for getting the body temperature of the baby:

  • First, you shall get to place the tip of your thermometer in the center of the armpit.
  • Tuck or place the arm as closely to the body as possible.
  • You shall keep the thermometer at its place for about a minute and you will get to hear a beep sound.
  • Once you get the sound, remove the thermometer and record the temperature on it.

Oral or keeping the thermometer in mouth method – The second method which is commonly used for measuring the temperature is the oral method. This method is generally used for the kids that are older than five years. You shall make sure that you are not trying this method on your kid if he is younger than five years. Here is how you can record the temperature using this method:

  • First, you shall get to place the tip of your thermometer inside the mouth of your kid.
  • When the kids get to close the mouth, leave the thermometer in the same place until the sound of beep is heard.
  • After this, you just need to remove your thermometer and have a check on its reading.

Tympanic method – This is the quickest method to get the body temperature and is suitable for kids that are more than two years old. But one thing with this method is that sometimes it has incorrect readings and you shall be careful while making use of this method.

When you are making use of this method, you shall make sure that the probe tip is clean each time before using it. You shall get to pull your ears so that the path to the canal is straight. Then, you shall place the thermometer and push the button for only second. Then, just remove the thermometer and get to note down the readings of the same.

Rectal method – The last but by no means the least method to record the body temperature of the baby is rectal method which is used in newborns. Here is a look at how you shall measure the body temperature using this method –

  • Cover tip of your thermometer with any jelly say Vaseline for instance.
  • Now, you need to put your baby on his back and the knee is bent.
  • Insert the thermometer in rectum while holding it with your fingers.
  • Leave it there until you get to hear the beep sound.
  • After this, remove the temperature and note down the readings.