Post Delivery Contraception

Post Delivery Contraception

Plan your family with right method of contraception after having your baby

Having another baby is mostly the last and last thing which goes in mind of many new mums. You can get pregnant easily within short period of time, even if you are breast feeding. Another reason can be your period, if your periods will not return then also you can get pregnant. Ladies usually release an egg before two weekperiod arrives and thus, there is great chance that you can be pregnant. For this purpose, you must talk with doctor or practitioner as they can tell many techniques related to post delivery contraception. They will tell what kind of contraception is best for you and what benefits can it offer.

How to find out a better option of contraception?

It is much important that you should take out sometime to sort out contraception from starting. If you have delivered your baby in hospital then must have talked about it and most importantly consult it with your family. You will be asked about contraception at six week postnatal check. So, it is advised that you should ask about this with your midwife, health visitor, local contraception clinic, GP. All the methods of contraception are not fruitful for ladies. That’s why it is must to discuss everything openly.

Different techniques for post delivery contraception :

Intrauterine – This is a tiny T shaped tool which a gynecologist will carefully insert in your uterus. Intrauterine devices are usually inserted after cesarean or vaginal delivery or even you can get it inserted at your first visit to postpartum health care.

Caps and diaphragm :

Cap or diaphragm is circular, soft dome which is made of silicone or rubber and fits over cervix. You need to use it whenever you feel the urge of having sex. Your doctor can fit cap or diaphragm after six weeks of your baby. In fact, if you have used cap before then after having a baby your body changes and thus, you will need to wear a new one. Post pregnancy, your cervix will come back to its shape by six weeks.

Combined oral contraceptive pill :

When you can start having these pills completely depends upon the factor. But, what is best for you in this nurse can help you. If you are not breastfeeding then you can start taking these pills after 21 days of delivery. There are few conditions for using this pill such as your body mass index. In case, you are breastfeeding partially, then can take pills for six weeks and if breastfeeding fully then start taking pills after 6 months.

Conclusion :

Apart from above mentioned methods there are many more methods for post delivery contraception which you can explore and select one matching with your requirement.