All about donor egg IVF cycle

All about donor egg IVF cycle

Egg donor

The procedure by which a woman gives her egg to another woman to help in conception of a child is called egg donation. The woman whose eggs are being donated is called the egg donor. Egg donation is a widely practiced assisted reproduction form. For women who cannot become pregnant, egg donors can be a hope for them to start a family.


 There are four stages in the egg donation procedure

1.       Application

2.       Matching and screening

3.       Medication

4.       Egg Retrieval



After doing the research and evaluating the qualification to be the egg donor, the candidate has to fill the application form of with the egg bank. They are interviewed and provided info related to egg donation. During this time, the donor can discuss any queries and questions they have. Lastly, the applicant undergoes psychosocial assessment before being chosen.


Matching and screening

As the donor passes the phase, they wait to be chosen by an intended couple. Donors are asked to go for a medication test and retrieval schedule based on their location and clinic of the potential parents and their gynecologist.


Donor has to undergo a screening which takes around 6 to 10 weeks. Firstly, a physician meets the donor to explain the medical proceedings included and several medical tests are done which include blood and urine test. The tests help in evaluating the hormone levels and assessment of any disease or drugs.


In order to pass medical screening, the donor should have a clean medical history and should not have had any sexually transmitted diseases or drugs in their body. While the screening procedure is going on, the legal representative is brought to the donor. The attorney will help you understand the laws related to egg donation procedure and legal contract with the prospective parents. The donor should know that once the eggs are retrieved, she will not have any legal rights on them.



After the donor passes the screening phase, the cycle begins at the commencement of the next menstrual period of the donor. After 21 days, the physician will start injecting medications to stimulate egg maturation in the ovaries. The donor needs to visit 6 to 7 morning monitoring appointment at the center which lasts for around half an hour. In this time, the doctors will monitor the response of the donor’s body to the medication.


Injections continue till 36 hours before the eggs are recovered. The last injection also known as trigger shot is given to prepare the eggs for maturity and then recovery.


The fertility clinic will give you all the required details and instructions about monitoring the injectable medications. It is important to know how to manage the aftereffects of medication. Make sure you stay in touch with the nursing staff all through the procedure.


Egg retrieval

Donors get twilight anesthesia via an IV for the egg retrieval process. A vaginal ultrasound is done to allow a small needle to go through the vaginal wall and go to the ovaries and retrieve the eggs. The retrieval process takes around 30 minutes. Once the donor is home, she should refrain for any sexual activities and strenuous physical actions till suggested by the physician.


However, there are certain requirements to become an egg donor who comprises of a healthy lifestyle, good medical history and willingness to commit to the procedure. Some other requirements are mentioned below:


·             The donor should be between 21 to 28 years.

·             She should experience regular monthly periods.

·             She should have no abnormalities or reproductive disorders

·             She should stand in the BMI calculator of 21 to 28 years.

·             She should physically and mentally sound

·             She should not consume alcohol or drugs.

·             she should not be a smoker

·             She should be ready to undergo psychological and physical evaluation

·             She should be ready for injectable medicines

·             She should commit her 6 months for the procedure

·             She should respond to the clinic within 24 hours.

·             She should be ready to donate her eggs and have no claim on it.


Donating your eggs is a great deed. If you believe egg donation is right for you, then just submit your application to your nearest fertility clinic and help all those intended parents who cannot conceive a child.