Pregnancy Week - 4

Congratulations on the amazing news! If you have missed your periods and have taken the pregnancy test- you may be fully excited about the idea of having a child.

Pregnancy Week - 4

Congratulations on the amazing news! If you have missed your periods and have taken the pregnancy test- you may be fully excited about the idea of having a child. Though you may not be feeling different in your body but surely pregnancy symptoms do not just kick away. However, you can surely share the news with your partner and schedule an appointment with your doc to confirm your pregnancy via a blood or urine test.

How big is your 4 weeks baby?

The baby is tinier than a grain of rice. However, the dividing cells multiply wildly to form the different body parts, along with the digestive system. He/ she is resting in their new home (uterus) preparing for the major developments which will happen in the upcoming weeks. By the end of week 4, the child is around 2mm long.

The baby develops within the womb’s lining. The outer cell makes connection with mom’s blood supply. The inner cells create 2 and 3 layers. Every layer is responsible to grow into a different body part of your baby. But, for now, the embryo is just getting attached to the tiny yolk sac to offer nourishment for further development to the child.

Pregnancy Belly Week 4

You will still not get the pregnant look, so the cat is not yet out of the bag, however, you may feel a little bloated. With time, your skinny jeans will be difficult to get worn, so do not shy away from wearing loose clothes.

Pregnancy Symptoms Week 4

If your periods were normal, then the first and most important symptom is that you must have skipped your periods. However, there are other symptoms too. In the 4th week, your hormone levels increase very steeply and nausea and vomiting awaits you in the coming future.

Bloating: You may get a little puffed up because of your pregnancy hormones.

Slight cramping: In the week 4, slight cramping may worry you. However, if you experience severe cramping, then you should immediately consult your doctor.

Spotting or little bleeding: Light bleeding may occur because of implantation.

Soreness in breast: Your breasts are sore and tender because of your hormonal changes.

Fatigue: You may feel exhausted and tired because your body is working hard to make that ball of cells develop and grow in an embryo.

Frequent urination: A lot of women experience the problem of frequent urination in the starting days of pregnancy.

Pregnancy Ultrasound Week 4

Well, you don’t need an ultrasound at this stage. However, if you go for it, you will just witness a tiny dot which doctors call gestational sac. However, you can go for an ultrasound scan for a deep checkup.

Pregnancy Lifestyle Week 4

Your pregnancy is important for you and so you should follow a healthy living standard. This gives your baby support till delivery. Consume different variety of food like fruits, veggies and supplements. Make sure you drink around 8 ounce glass of water daily.

Make sure you don’t consume much calorie. You just need 300 extra calories for your baby. Even if you experience nausea and vomiting, consume your natural diet to give your baby what he/she wants.

Pregnancy Checklist Week 4

  • Schedule a pregnancy confirmation appointment
  • Stop smoking and drinking
  • Begin a prenatal vitamin dose
  • Tell your partner the big news
  • Meet a healthcare provider to get expert advice and counseling on how to take care of yourself.
  • Make sure you take two supplements in your diet: Vitamin D and Folic Acid. You should take 10mcg of Vitamin D daily and 400mcg of folic acid every day.