Pregnancy Week – 37

Congrats! You are now 37 weeks pregnant. It is a big achievement for you. With every passing day, you are getting close to meeting your baby in person.

Pregnancy Week – 37
Pregnancy Week – 37

Congrats! You are now 37 weeks pregnant. It is a big achievement for you. With every passing day, you are getting close to meeting your baby in person. Now is the time to organize everything for the new member of the family. Your baby can arrive anytime now!

How big is your 37 weeks baby?

You are now full-term pregnant and your due date is just a few days away. Your baby weighs 2.9kgs and is 48.6 cm from head to heel. Your baby is as long as romaine lettuce head. However there is still some work going on the facial muscles. His toe nails are reaching the end of the toes. The digestive system has completely developed and continues to mature till his birth. He still has a movement pattern which will continue till he is born.

The position may be head down and usually they face the back of the mother. Your baby is too big to do a lot of kicking and punching. Everything is likely to be fine.

Pregnancy belly week 37

With the 9th month in progress, you will have to find out whether the baby has dropped or not. It means the head has descended in the pelvis for labor or not. If this has happened that your baby will be delivered within 4 weeks. If you have dropped, your lungs will feel relief, but your bladder will be under a lot of pressure.

Pregnancy symptoms week 37

  • You may be experiencing a lot of things in your pregnancy at this stage. Some of the noticeable symptoms are:
  • Swelling: A little swelling in the extreme side is normal.
  • Nausea: Nausea is common in this time, but speak to your doctor once if it happens frequently.
  • Heartburn: Baby is growing at a fast pace, so he is putting a lot of pressure on your digestive tract which may lead to heartburn and indigestion.
  • Problem in sleeping: A lot of women have difficulty in sleeping in this month because of discomfort in lower back, bladder and pain in calves. Do things which encourage better sleep.
  • Contraction: Your body is preparing for delivery, thus you will experience frequent contractions.
  • Spotting: There may be some spotting visible, especially after sex. It is normal to see it.
  • Vaginal discharge. The discharge may increase a lot and you may need to wear sanitary pads.
  • Stretch marks: As pregnancy is pushing your body to the limit, stretch marks are bound to occur.
  • Some of the signs of labor are water breaking, regular contractions and pain in the back. Reach out to your doctor immediately if your water has broken.

Pregnancy ultrasound week 37

Your ultrasound depends on how your pregnancy is working and who your doctor is. By now, all your ultrasound has been done. If you think something is wrong, you can go for a quick ultrasound. It will show how your baby is performing and see if there is any distress.

Pregnancy lifestyle week 37

  • Get emotional help for your wellbeing. Get a massage session for yourself.
  • Sleep on your side as sleeping on your back has risk linked with still birth,
  • If you are having twins, then your delivery will be sooner.
  • Eat food with high fiber and nutrients.
  • Make sure you get enough calcium to build the nervous system and bones.
  • Eat lean meat and fish for proteins.
  • Sex is perfectly fine, even at this stage.
  • Pregnancy checklist week 37
  • Schedule your 38-week prenatal appointment.
  • Pack your hospital bag, if you haven’t done it till now.
  • Find out whom should you contact at the time of labor.