4th October - World Animal Welfare Day 2019

World Animal Day is an international day of action for animal rights and welfare celebrated on 4th October

4th October - World Animal Welfare Day 2019
World Animal Welfare Day 2019

Every year on 4th October Word Animal Welfare day is observed across the world. This particular day calls for action of various causes and to raise awareness related to animals counting their rights, welfare, etc. This specific day that is October 4th is chosen for this cause in tribute of St. Francis of Assisi – who was a great animal lover and patron saint for animals, whose feast day falls on this day.

World Animal Welfare Day 2019

World Animal day brings an opportunity to connect the general public in spreading awareness on various issues related to animals like cruelty towards animals, animal rights violations, etc. There are numerous animal rights organizations, individuals and community groups conduct several different events and programs across the globe on this particular day. This is important because we share our planet named earth with animals and it is required that they are also provided with basic rights like every human on this planet have.

World Animal Day 2019

This year, World Animal Day, 2019 will be observed on Friday, 4th October.

World Animal Welfare Day

Why World Animal Welfare Day is celebrated?

World Animal Day is commemorated to raise awareness among the general public regarding animals on the given below aspects:

  • To enhance the status of animals and advance upon their welfare standards.
  • Recognize animals as sentient beings and to respect their feelings.

All the programs, events, awareness campaigns and propagation that are held in various places across the globe are aimed at achieving these two above shared purposes.

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World Animal Welfare Day 1

How to Observe World Animal Day

  • Get involved

         One of the best methods to do your part is to get involved with any of the official events happening on October 4 related to animal welfare.

  • Adopt a pet

         Pet adoptions are a very common event held in various cities on World Animal Day, which is a small action that can make a big difference.

  • Join a peaceful protest

         Many people and animal activists join peaceful protests that are also commonplace around the world on October 4. These can range from the better treatment of agriculture livestock to complete termination of cultural pastimes, such as bullfighting and whale slaughtering.