Check List For How To Control Mosquitoes In House?

Mosquito bites don't just itch — they can also make you sick. Here are the best ways to keep mosquitoes away from your home.

Check List For How To Control Mosquitoes In House?
How To Keep Mosquitoes Away - Geting Rid of Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are not just infuriating – some mosquitoes also carry serious dangerous diseases. Actually, mosquitoes are tiny insects but can be quite harmful if they are not managed and avoided from breeding near houses. Many victims have occurred due to some diseases like yellow fever, malaria, and dengue that are majorly caused by mosquitoes.

For this reason, it is significant that every person should have an awareness of how to get rid of mosquitoes that invade your home. Remember, if you want to avoid mosquitoes, so it’s best to try to prevent mosquitoes from getting into your home in the very first place!

To avoid mosquitoes follow the given below simple checklist to stop mosquitoes breeding on or near to your house and from getting inside your home. 

Install fly screens to keep mosquitoes out of your home

Try to install fly screens on every window, doors, vents, and chimneys of your house. The screens if fly screen should not bigger than 12 x 12 meshes per 25mm, or 1.2mm. Use you can use this coarser mesh if you wish to keep out another kind of smaller biting insects, like sandflies.

How to get rid of mosquitoes from home

Use insect sprays and repellents around the house

Insect sprays and repellents can be used both inside and outside the house to kill and avoid mosquitoes to invade your home.  It is important to use these products according to directions on the bottle.

  • Use fly spray against visible mosquitoes in your home.
  • Use plug-in mosquito or vaporizers in enclosed verandahs. Consider using insect repellent at the same time.
  • Try to use mosquito-coils in outdoor areas within the vicinity of your house.
  • Target areas like spraying the shaded shrubbery near your residence. Avoid spraying these products near fish ponds.  
  • Remember to read all the instructions about the safe use of any insect sprays before using it.

Limited mosquitoes from breeding in your garden and surroundings

You are first in line to be bitten by the dangerous mosquitoes that breed in your own garden, yard area and nearby area of your house! Keep this in mind that mosquitoes can breed even in the tiniest amounts of stagnant water. So, it is essential to remove stagnant water so that mosquitoes can’t breed.

  • Clean up your backyard and remove anything where water can be collected, such as unused pots or unused tires.
  • Cover or overturn trailers, wheelbarrows, boats, tools and children’s playground toys to avoid water collection in it.
  • Regularly clean gutters and drains so water runs freely.
  • Mend leaking taps.
  • Try to change pet drinking bowls and vase waters at least once a week, and more regularly in very warm weather.
  • Try to put sand around the base of pot plants.
  • Try to maintain swimming pools in good condition or empty or securely covered if not in use.
  • Keep fish ponds tidy with minimal vegetation around the edges.
  • Try to keep the lawns and gardens trimmed on a regular basis to reduce the areas where mosquitoes rest and breeds.