10 Healthy food ideas for school lunch box for your little kid

10 Healthy food ideas for school lunch box for your little kid

If your children are in school, then chances are you spend a good time of yours wracking your brain to come with healthy food ideas for school lunch box for your child. You and your kids both may have tried hard to bring some transformation to the lunch box menu but seriously who has time to replicate the dinosaur shaped sandwiches or tortilla roles and arrange them artistically in the lunch box. Fortunately, you have some creative ways to spice up your kids lunch routine. But here are important questions which need to be answered first.

Should you pack your kids lunch?

A lot of families find packing lunches quite a daunting task. Often parents wonder, “should they really pack lunch box every day?” But, then again there are two important aspects to consider, whether the school offer health food options to your child and how much those options cost.

Keeping the nutritional value of lunch box in mind, parents should consider these points:

1.        Do not go for convenience foods: Items like bagged chips or granola bars are bundled with sugar and fat. Rather you should go for homemade and low sugar food options.

2.        Involve your kids in the lunch making procedure: Allow your kids to choose the fruits and veggies they want. They will feel excited and empowered about what they will be eating in their lunch.

3.        Be flexible: You can make it simpler for you by being flexible and going for a mix of packed food and homemade foods every week. Check the menu in advance and decide what you want to make for lunch beforehand.

4.        Keep an eye on portion sizes: Make sure you give your kid the right portion size. Correct diet is important for their lunch for proper nourishment.

Top 10 food ideas for your kid’s lunchbox are mentioned below:

1.       Ham, cheese and peas

It is tough for a mom to think of a classic lunch box combo. Pack some ham cubes, cheese along with peas- the perfect trifecta for your baby master the eating technology. Add some fruit pouch and the favorite crackers of your child. Include cubed cheese, diced pear and frozen peas.

2.       Open-faced waffle sandwich

Another great breakfast-lunch option is cream cheese or yoghurt spread on waffles. Cut them into small pieces for the kids. Include diced kiwi and avocado to bring in more taste and delight to the food.

3.       Chicken nuggets

At least 1 in 4 kids, one kid is nugget obsessed. However, you shouldn’t go for brands and keep them on hand. Make nuggets for over a week for your kid and keep them frozen. Make sure you cut the nuggets into smaller pieces for 3 -4 year kid. You can also try veg nuggets. Include diced avocado, quartered red and green grapes as supplements.

4.       Taco in lunch box

Quesadillas are an amazing way to include in the food routine of your sandwich loving pre-schooler. Include black beans in the tortilla and serve them with frozen corn, peas, cheese and more. Include diced mango and cheese quesadilla as supplement.

5.       Bacon wrap and peanut butter

Yes, that’s right. The combination of peanut butter, bananas and bacon is a pure trinity which your kids will love to eat several days in a row. Pack it with red grapes, carrot stick as well as dipping sauce.

6.       Hummus and Veggies

Kids enjoy dipping things and this is the reason they will love the combo of hummus and veggies during their school lunches. Team it with wheat pita or crackers, tiny pickles, watermelon chunks and hard boiled eggs.

7.       Chicken salad with Greek yoghurt

A number of times, kids love to eat chicken salad with Greek yoghurt and some mayonnaise. It has less fat and more protein. It is also a great way to use the leftover rotisserie chicken and saves your preparation time. Pack it with lettuce and sliced tomatoes broccoli and dipping sauce.

8.       Sesame noodles

It just takes around 15 minutes to make this alluring lunch from soba noodles and some handful of cooked veggies. You can team it with chicken to bring in some additional protein so that they remain full all afternoon.

9.       Cream cheese sandwich

Another great thing to include in your kid’s lunch box is a cheese sandwich. Kids usually do not throw veggies from sandwiches as they enjoy the rich cream cheese taste. Bring in variety by using different types of bread and try different combos. Your kids will love it. Include freshly sliced fruits, carrots and dark chocolate in the lunch box for complete nourishment.

10.   Mini Pancakes

Yes, pancakes are a great item to be included in the lunch box. Go for blue berry pancakes, banana pancakes and apple pancakes to bring in variety. Pack it with hard boiled eggs, apple slices and some chocolate sauce.


It is very important to get your kids on a healthy lunch diet. A lot of parents struggle to do so. But with regular change in their lunch box, they will wholeheartedly accept the menu and enjoy eating.