What should you eat after delivery ??

What should you eat after delivery ??

Diet after delivery

Women, after the delivery of their baby face the task of keeping their baby fit along with maintaining their own health, as well. Since mothers are required to breastfeed their babies after delivery, the health of mother is directly related to the health of the child. It is important for a mother to pay special attention to her diet during the time of pregnancy and once the baby is delivered they often ignore their health to focus on the care taking of their little one.

This is something that is not suggested and it affects the health of the mother and child, as well. Therefore, taking good care of self is important. After the birth of baby, the mothers should choose every food that can help them keep healthy. Nutritious and healthy foods are essential at this time to make up for the strenuous job of pregnancy and childbirth.

Given below are some of the foods that you should eat or intake on regular basis to keep healthy and in best shape after pregnancy –

Proteins –

Protein is amongst the most essential nutrients that women should take after the delivery.  According to a study, it has been suggested that post partum moms should take approximately 70 grams of protein in addition to the daily requirement.

To make sure that you are able to take proper intake of protein, you can add to your diet products such as meats, eggs and fish. However, if you are a vegan then you can rely on dairy products such as milk and cheese along with pulses, legumes and seeds.

Fats –

Following the birth of a baby, fats are important to consume as they contain omega 3 fatty acids, which is necessary to boost the development of brain of your baby. To get the right fat, you can eat fish on daily basis to make sure that are getting right amount of fats.

Additionally, you should look to use olive oil during this period for cooking the food as it is healthier and contains fats that are healthy.

Fruits and vegetables –

When it comes to following a perfect diet after pregnancy , there is nothing that can substitute the importance of fruits and vegetables.  Fruits come loaded with fibres that play a crucial role in improving the digestive system and making the body immune to various diseases.

Rich in vitamins and minerals, fruits and vegetables boost natural health and thereby help lactating mothers give the strength to breastfeed their baby.

Whole grain foods –

After pregnancy, mothers are required to breastfeed their babies on regular basis and for this purpose they need to have right amount of energy. Among the foods that are instant source of energy, carbohydrates are the most popular.

Food items such as quinoa, brown rice, barley, oatmeal and bulgur are some of the best options in carbohydrates and they provide lots of energy to the body that plays a crucial role in keeping mothers active and energetic most of the times.

While it is most important to maintain a healthy diet post pregnancy, it is equally crucial to not focus or pay attention to taboos concerning diet and food after pregnancy. Since, each individual has their opinion about what to eat and what not to eat post pregnancy, it is suggested that you consult your doctor to decide about the right diet post the delivery of your baby.

However, it is debatable that what to eat and what not to eat after pregnancy, you can certainly avoid these things after delivery to maintain your health –

  • Aerated and sugary drinks like soda and cola should be avoided at all cost
  • Ready to make meals and takeaway fast foods should also be avoided for some time post the delivery of baby.
  • Packaged snacks like salted chips and sugary biscuits can also be avoided for some time after the delivery of baby.
  • Processed cured meat is another item that you can avoid to keep healthy and in best shape.

Conclusion –

Becoming a mother is the most satisfying and fulfilling experience in the world. While taking care of yourself is extremely crucial during pregnancy stage to ensure safe and sound delivery, it is equally important to live a healthy life post delivery including a healthy and nutritious diet. Eating healthy post the delivery is crucial to ensuring proper and healthy breastfeeding which forms the base of food supply upto 6 months for the baby.