Pregnancy Week – 23

Pregnancy Week – 23
Pregnancy Week – 23

For a lot moms to-be, 23 weeks pregnancy is an exciting time to get showered by love of their near and dear ones. It is the time, when your baby actually starts looking like a baby! It is the time to debut the making of your nursery and go for health insurance to get your procedure covered. You may feel more movement in your bellow in the week 23.

How big is your 23 week baby?

Your baby is approximately the size of an eggplant. She may around 11 inches long and weighs over 450gm. Now, from this point, the weight of your baby will increase steadily and there will be better coordination between muscles. Now your baby can hear your voice. So, you can give her a treat by talking to her or singing her a song. Her sense of movement is also developed; thus your child can feel you dance too.

Pregnancy belly week 23

The baby bump is completely ready to be shown off to friends, families and strangers. You may feel kicks of your baby. And, the other changes visible on your belly are increase in its size and your weight. The fundal height of your belly is somewhere between 21 to 25cm. Remember the growth of your belly will change your gravity centre so your balance will differ every day.

Pregnancy symptoms week 23

  • Every woman experiences different symptoms when it comes about symptoms and feel during their pregnancy. But some of the common symptoms which a pregnant woman experienced in her 23rd week are:
  • Constipation: lower motility in bowel movement
  • Migraine or headache: due to muscle tension in your neck, shoulder and back, you may experience headache.
  • Difficulty in sleeping: because of discomfort, pain and anxiety, your sleep patterns may be affected.
  • Fetal actions: your child has started moving more powerfully in your womb.
  • Increase in appetite: you may have higher cravings for different types of food items.
  • Bleeding gums: as your gums become swollen because of hormones, you may have bleeding during flossing or brushing.
  • Swollen ankles, face and feet: some puffiness is fine. You may have sudden swelling thus, you should take regular walks and drink a lot of water.
  • Other common symptoms may include fatigue, weakness, fainting spells as well as shortness of breath.

Pregnancy ultrasound week 23

As your baby has now transformed to a small human, wouldn’t you be excited to see her under an ultrasound! Check the facial features of your child getting more distinct with time. You can also see the healthier growth of your baby with abdomen, head and body developing steadily. The baby is crouched and the legs are pulled in her chest.

Pregnancy lifestyle week 23

With your belly and baby growing, you may get a little inclined towards your fitness. Join a yoga class to enhance your overall wellbeing. Light stretching is also good to lower the pain. If you are having stress of anxiety because your due date is approaching, then try different stress management techniques relax your mind and body.

Now your health is important for your baby, so take precautions and don’t fall sick. Some women have a higher sex desire during this time, don’t be afraid, you can go for it.

Pregnancy checklist week 23

  • Go for your health insurance.
  • Sing and talk to your baby
  • Include iron rich diet in your food
  • Try to sleep by keeping a pillow between your knees for lower back assistance.
  • Plan for your maternity leave
  • Prepare for the delivery and stay in touch with your hospital.
  • If you haven’t gone for a glucose screening test, go now!