What are the Different Breastfeeding positions and which position is best?

What are the Different Breastfeeding positions and which position is best?

Every mom and her baby has unique needs which is why one breastfeeding position may not fit every mother and her child. So, first do not get worried about looking out for the perfect position because there isn’t any right or wrong here. A good position is that position which allows you to get a nice latch. Now speaking about latch… a good latch is that latch which is comforting for both the mother to provide milk and the baby to get milk. There isn’t any particular position – though one of it to see your baby’s chin pressed in the breast and head tipped backwards. Here are some positions mentioned below for you:

Side lay hold: lay down with both your bodies parallel ensuring your comfort. For instance, rest your back on a pillow rather than resting on your arm

Cradle hold (Similar arm): hold your baby over your lap, support with same arm which is of your breast.

Cradle hold (Opposite arm): hold your kid over your lap with your opposite arm to your breast she is feeding from to render assistance.

Rugby ball hold: keep your baby underarm. For instance, lay your child on a pillow and support her neck and feed her.

Koala hold: support your baby when he/ she is straddled over your knees in a straight position.

Laid back feeding: lay semi-reclined with your baby on your shoulder or belly.

Lay back feeding after undergoing caesarean: lay semi-reclined and keep your baby vertically over your body across the shoulder to avoid hurting your caesarean wound.

Twin feeding position: for those who have twins, you can feed them separately or go for the football hold method. Hold one baby in each of your arm and feed them from either side of your breasts

Tips required for different breastfeeding postures:

Regardless of what position you select, you will want to do everything to make it comfortable for yourself and your baby. Here are some tips to help you out:

  1. Get support for your body. Go for a chair with armrest or get a lot of pillows to support your head, arm and back. A couch may not get you sufficient support. You can also get a footrest for yourself.
  2. Get support for your breasts: Yours breasts when filled with milk may feel heavier. So, you can use your hands to support them. Keep your fingers at a distance from areola and nipple so that your baby doesn’t mistakenly sucks them. For women with big breasts, you can use tolled up towel below your breast to put the nipple on a straight angle position for your baby.
  3. Get support for your baby: Ensure your baby feel safe and comfortable and then only he/ she will nurse happily. Make use of your hands and arms for support or use a pillow under her head or back. Make sure the head of baby is in level with your breast. Hold a pillow on your lap to make your baby comfy is you have undergone a c-section.
  4. Try different nursing positions to avoid nipple soreness, breast infection or clogged nipples.
  5. Use alternate breast every time: If your baby has drained one side, use the other. Or the next time go with the other one first. It will help in milk increment and prevent mastitis.
  6. Chill: Remember to be relaxed before and during the procedure as it makes the experience better for both of you. Breastfeeding is an amazing opportunity for a mother to bond with her child. Enjoy this very experience.

If you have found the position that works both for you and your baby, then stick to it. But if you have any signs of discomfort or sore nipples, then try a different position.