Various modes of delivering a baby

Various modes of delivering a baby

Various modes of delivering a baby

Delivering a child is one of the best feelings in the world and the feeling during that period is just amazing. The feel when you give birth to a new life is just amazing but it is also quite painful process. With advancement in technology, new methods of delivering the baby have been developed which are making the job easier for you.

Here are some of the modes of delivering the baby that you all must know about -

 Vaginal delivery -

This is the most common and safest method of delivery in which the child is directly delivered from the vagina. Every medical practitioner recommends for vaginal delivery until and unless it becomes necessary to perform the caesarian delivery. Normally, it takes 38-41 weeks of pregnancy period before delivery but it does get to vary from person to person.

Especially when you are willing to have multiple kids, it is the best possible option for you. There are various other advantages of vaginal delivery which includes shorter recovery time, lower chances of infection, healthy baby which makes it the best possible option for you when you are going to deliver one of the gifts to the world.

Caesarian section -

Pregnancy period is not an easy one and giving birth to the child is the most complex part of a women’s life. Sometimes, you may have complications during pregnancy and vaginal delivery.  This is when the C-section has to go through surgical incision in order to deliver the baby. It is riskier than vaginal delivery but is highly effective in the complex cases.

The cases when C-section surgery is required include large baby, twins, baby in transverse position amongst various other cases. But one must look to avoid the surgery as long as possible as it will have life-long implications on your body.

Vaginal after C-section -

This has become possible due to technical advancements in the medical field and is safer than the normal caesarian delivery.  But you need to know about the complications in pregnancy before going for VBAC because it is not good for everyone.

At the same time, this facility is offered at very few hospital and delivery centers as they lack the resources that are needed for VBAC.

Vacuum Extraction -

If you have watched the 3 idiot’s movie, then you definitely know about this type of delivery. It is done during the vaginal delivery when the mother is not able to squeeze out the baby by her own force. In such a case, a vacuum cup is placed on the head of the baby and the force of the vacuum drags the baby out.

This method of delivery is much safer than going for the operation and is highly used these days as women these days are not able to deliver the babies through vaginal delivery.

Forceps delivery -

It is another alternative to the caesarian C-section delivery which is applied during the course of the vaginal delivery. In this process, doctor operates through a section to pull the head of the body and squeeze him out. The doctor makes use of the forceps (a spoon shaped instrument) for pulling the head of the baby.

But as with the VBAC, there are very few hospitals that offer you with the forceps delivery facility although it is quite advantageous when you are looking to avoid the C-section surgery.

Conclusion -

Giving birth to the baby is a gift and is a very special feeling in the world. In the traditional times, vaginal delivery was the only option for delivery but with advancements in technology, newer methods are being adopted by the people. But still the vaginal delivery is the best option until or unless there is an emergency case.

There are various precautions that you need to take during your pregnancy period in order to avoid complications during the delivery. You must resist pulling heavy weight during delivery and have a healthy diet during the period as well.

You must also avoid drinking and late night parties during the pregnancy during the pregnancy period as it is quite harmful and hazardous to you and your baby’s health. You must also avoid stress during the pregnancy period to have healthy delivery of your baby without requiring an incision.