Pregnancy Week – 36

It is the 9month… Time has literally flown for you. Now your baby can arrive any day, so be prepared.

Pregnancy Week – 36
Pregnancy Week – 36

It is the 9month… Time has literally flown for you. Now your baby can arrive any day, so be prepared. Your baby looks pink and chubby in your belly and just a little growing is left before she gets in your arms. Re-check all your to-do list and update your boss and relatives about it.

How big is your 36 week baby?

A 36 week old baby is just the same as the born one. The baby weights around 2.6kgs and is 47.5 cm from head to heel. You have reached full-term in this week. Your baby will continue to get rid of the lanugo hair as well as vernix caseosa, which protect her skin. You should get the position of your baby checked. If she in cephalic position i.e. head pointing down, then she is ready for birth. She is just the size of a papaya now.

Pregnancy belly week 36

In this week, the belly doesn’t show much of a change, however, your weight may have gone a little up. Your uterus has reached your ribcage. When the head engages, i.e. the head of your baby drops in the pelvis, that’s when the bump will shrink a little bit. Your baby is preparing for the birth.

Pregnancy symptoms week 36

Some of the symptoms of week 36 are given below:

  • Relaxed breathing: as you baby has shifted down, the pressure on the lungs decreases. It helps you to breath with more comfort
  • Vaginal pressure: Though your lungs may get free, but vagina is carrying excessive weight.
  • Mucus discharge: If the mucus plug hasn’t dropped yet, it may happen this week. It is normal to have heavy mucus discharge in this week.
  • Braxton Hicks Contractions: Your uterus is doing all the practice for the big day. It will not cause labor but you should keep a check on the intensity and duration.
  • Urinary incontinence: As there is heavy pressure on the bladder, hence frequent trips to bathroom is common.
  • Swollen body parts: As long as the swelling mild, it is normal. However, it is severe, then consult your doctor.
  • Trouble in sleeping: You may see yourself awake till 3a.m. Find ways to relax yourself.
  • Pelvic discomfort: As the baby is down, it is putting a lot of pressure on your pelvis. Check the signs of labor.

Pregnancy ultrasound week 36

In this week of pregnancy, your doctor will again do your ultrasound to check the position of the baby. He will check the heartbeat, placement and size of the baby too. He will find out the length of the uterus.

All the body parts, circulation system, immune system are good to perform. The baby is getting to breathe on his own. Do not worry is your 36 weeks baby is breech, he will turn naturally.

Pregnancy lifestyle week 36

  • Consume small meals: Eat healthy diets during pregnancy as it may help you avoid bloating and heartburn.
  • Rest as much as you can. Sleep on your side and try to get as much sleep as possible.
  • Choose a good bra: Your breast may leak sometimes thus, you need a good comfortable bra.
  • Perineal massage: It is the place between your anus and vaina. Massage this area to lower the chances of episiotomy. In order to massage the perineum, put two fingers in your vagina and pull it down.
  • And, last thing is stop overthinking and worrying about labor and birth.

Pregnancy checklist week 36

  • Get new clothes for your baby
  • Find out about feeding your baby.
  • Find out if any risks are associated with your delivery.